Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Family Camping Trip-- part 2

Nice thing about this trip is we had absolutely no schedule to follow.  Everyone could sleep in as late as they wanted.  Plus, it was a time change weekend on top of all that.  Awesome.  We were all freezing but bundled up really well.  And, we woke up to a wonderful breakfast.  It was Saturday.

Nice to wake up and cook some hot eggs.  Warren did the cooking of the eggs.

Each got an egg, chocolate donate hole, oranges, sausage and hot cocoa.  Yum!  Notice all the condensation on the windows?  It was chilly but we turned on the heat and quickly warmed up.  

Alyona explaining to Summer how this works.

Let's just say Reni is not a miniature golf player.  We leave her w/ soccer and volleyball.  LOL.  She plays like her mom.  BTW, the rv w/ the awning out and towels all over it is ours.  After baths our little rednecks hung up all the towels to dry outside.  Hey, they were using their heads.

They were all slow starting off but quickly caught on.  

Logan and Alex should not play together.  Everything becomes a competition.

After some mini golf, it was time for something different.  Bounce pillow it was.  Irina and Bojan really were the only ones who didn't want to get on it.  We need one of these for our yard.  Definitely.

Sometimes it's great when you get to see real laughter and not just fake smiles in a picture.  

 Time for some bounce pillow fun.  They all love this thing.

Had to throw this one in as they have such ridiculous faces.  

Look at Summer jump!  Last year at this time, she would fall down every few steps.  Just look at her now.

Summer and Yana flying through the air.

 Time to take a break.  NOt for long though.

No idea what Yana was telling her sister here.  

Some great outdoor fun and beautiful weather to boot.  More pics to come.  For now, need to go cook dinner. 

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