Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Family camping trip -- part 1

Friday and on our way.  I know I have about 20 posts to catch up on but it has seriously been busy this week.  Today, Warren and Irina went to vote.  I took all the kids to Max's IEP meeting.  I'll vote after the speech therapist comes by.  She'll be here shortly.  Kids are watching about the Wright Brothers.  I'm printing off an Ancient Egyptian test I made for them.  Tomorrow there are no appointments thank goodness.  Thursday, Summer has neurology.  So, onto our trip.  We decided to get away for a weekend to just relax.  So, went camping. 

Getting ready to go.  Wide awake.  Forgive all the poor picture quality.  Issue is Summer broke my good camera at the chocolate factory.  All I have left is my little digital camera.  Doesn't take the best pics but it's something till Warren can try to take apart my camera and fix it.

 Alyona purposely not looking at the camera.  She's mad b/c she thought she'd get away w/ not doing her work before we left.  All the other kids did theirs.  Even the new ones know the rules!  Can't have fun till your work is done.  Hey, at least she's wearing her seatbelt. 

Nik, showing me what he can do w/ his innotab.  Cool stuff.

Reni and Alex enjoying an apple while waiting at the gas station.  Takes awhile to fill that thing up.  LOL.  

And it didn't take long for some to zonk out.

Ahh, out of the carseat time!  

Contentment.  Max, just chilling out.

Kids entertain themselves w/ manacala while waiting for pizza in the parking lot.

Enjoying the unexpected surprise of Sir Pizza.  Yum.  3 larges fed us all.

Bojan, demonstrating a purchase made since Max forgot to pack our travel grill.  Ours was free.  This one was NOT!  I swear next time I'll have a checklist.

Nik, helping me make the banana boats.  He was so excited to shove those chocolate chips in there.  Too funny.

Putting the banana boats on the fire.  Mind you, I brought a hot mit w/ me.  Men.

Had a lantern on the picnic table.  Bojan enjoying his snack.

Some of the girls just hanging out together.  We watched a movie that evening after eating our banana boats.

Reni getting ready to dig into her banana boat.  They were obviously a huge success and have been requested for next trip.  

Summer has no issues eating anything w/ chocolate in it.

Reni and Summer getting ready to hit the hay.  They were sleeping on the dinette.  

Alex, Logan and Nik sleeping.  Nik loves that orange pillow and blanket.  Teens slept outside in the tent.  It was cold for sure.  They had plenty of sleeping bags and comforters as well.  Summer time we will be purchasing a portable air conditioner for them.  Easy to heat but too hard to cool them off.

So, we left late but enjoyed our first day there.  Had pizza while setting up the tents and such.  Kids went to the playground and ran off some of that energy.  Met some folks from Canada and people staying next to us used to live in Germany.  She's German.  Lived not far from where I had lived in Germany.  Small world, huh?  Always neat meeting new folks.  We bundled up for the night and went straight to sleep. 

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