Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blessings abound

I can never get around to thank everyone when something is received by our family.  For that, I am truly sorry as I would love to recognize each & everyone of you for your generosity.  Though I know in my heart that is NOT why you do what you do to help our family, it's just what we would love to be able to do.  But then life gets in the way & I totally forget the little things that were blessed upon our family.  Trust me, it never goes unnoticed and the kids always want to try to return the favor.  We were given little odds and ends for Halloween such as glow sticks and fingernails to complete costumes.  It was wonderful!  And definitely came in handy.  Each one of those items was used. 

More recently, someone came by the other day while we were outside.  She dropped off a bag full of clothes.  Perfect timing as we just realized Summer has 2 pair of pants that fit and like 3 winter shirts that fit.  She still needs more but it helped to receive a few out of the blue.  The girls and boys also had clothes in there and they love them.  Thank you Margie!  This type of thing helps immensely.

Nik received a belated birthday present.  Can you believe it?!  He was so excited.

Caught his eyes as they were closing.  LOL.  

Such a cool game that they went to play it right away.  

Cool map of Manhattan.  Really cool.  Makes you want to go.  I'd really never seen a map done that way and we all enjoyed looking and studying it for awhile.  Kids now think NC is not so exciting.  LOL.  The game even came with a handy carry pouch.  Love it, no lost pieces.  Thanks a bunch Hannah and Anna!   So sweet of others to think of our kids. 

When you have a big family, it is hard sometimes to think of the "extras."  Makes it that much more special when we do receive a gift cert to a restaurant or for groceries.  It means we can treat the kids that day to something out of the ordinary.  Big families tend to concentrate on the necessities versus wants.  Shoot, many, many families no matter the family size do.  And that's okay.  Just truly a big blessing when something out of the blue arrives or something we get to do that normally we would not.  

Our kids missed out on quite a bit during their childhood due to being in orphanages.   We try to give them experiences they either missed out on or that they would enjoy.  That is why we love to try to go camping and things of that nature.  But the other things such as gifts, treats to Wendys, educational items, etc. are things that are very much enjoyed as well by all the kids.  Things that we may not always be able to give due to tight budgets.  We have therapies and medical expenses that must take precedence so when we get blessed by others please know the thank you truly comes from the bottom of our hearts.  It really does mean more than just the gift itself.  It means my children get to experience a bit more joy, a new experience, a new game, etc.  It's part of childhood really.  And because they missed so much of it in Eastern Europe, I want them to be able to experience every single bit of it here.  So when I say that blessings abound, I mean it.  It touches my heart every time I see the look on their faces.  Some of my kids had a very rough childhood in Russia or Bulgaria.  You all restore a piece of it every single time.  Thank you I know is not enough but that's all I have for now. 

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