Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beginning to look like Christmas

During Thanksgiving, we really got in the Christmas spirit.  See, last year we did not get to really embrace it much as it was their first month home.  And let's just say the challenges were there.  Christmas was the last thing on our minds.  Making sure Logan, Reni & Summer adjusted well was first.  So this year it's a nice change of pace to really embrace Christmas and enjoy all of it.  Every part.  The kids are making lists, helping out, etc.  Since we are having family over this weekend, we needed to decorate early. 

Our fresh tree from our friends at L & G Farms!  They had a great selection.  It is the same place we purchase our produce from.  Since our church was not selling trees this year, we went here.  Perfect choice and awesome tree.  Tree's not crooked, picture is.

I think Bojan was trying to pose here.

One gets in, they all want in a picture.

Summer, ready for Christmas to start.  Love the dead mum there?

Warren, Max & Yana putting up the tree.  Making room for it.

And, it's up.  Nik is already wondering when we're decorating.

Alaska found her perfect spot under the tree this year.

Beautiful poinsettias.  Got them at Lowes on Black Friday weekend for .99.

Alyona perched up on the ladder.  Hey, look.  We even have one present ready to go.  

Nik was helping Daddy with the lights despite Warren wanting no help.  Yes, sometimes help is more work around here.

Our mantle getting ready.  

We're still decorating here and there.  We can't really do much w/ the outside.  We used to have lights in our yard like the Griswold's.  No kidding.  It was lit up like the fourth of July.  LOL.  lights everywhere.  Well, over the years, lights have broken and never been replaced.  In addition, when our hot water heater busted under the house a few years ago, we lost everything under there which was ALL holiday stuff.  Tried to replace it as I've gone along but still tough.  Next year though, Warren said we're buying the lights again for outside.  I want to get the boys to make a scene in the yard from a Christmas Story movie.  I think it'd be a riot.  We'll see.   Right now, we're all coming up w/ ideas.  For now, house is as ready as it will ever be.  We have guests coming on Saturday.  Well, 4 posts down tonight.  More to come tomorrow.  For now, bed time. 

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