Saturday, November 10, 2012

A few more tidbits from today (best for last)

So distracted lately.  i think I'm tired.  Or kid tired.  You moms out there know what that means.  To follow up w/ things breaking around here due to my boys, thought I'd share another that happened this week.  Logan and Alex raced to the mailbox, ran into it and broke it off completely.  So today Warren & Max fixed the mailbox after watching the poor mailman think he may have done it b/c they simply set it back up on the post.  Hey, good news is this repair didn't cost us anything but time.  But, time is money as the expression goes.  They could have been working on fence posts.  Which btw have gone up since the last week we bought them!  By $2 more a post!  Crazy.

Dining room dish this evening.  Reni asked us "how many dicks there are."  We said what?!  You know, how many dicks.  What do you mean Reni?  And then she pointed to the dvd's.  Oh, d-i-s-k-s.  Yes, we're still learning English and yes, proof positive one letter can make a dramatic difference.

Last thing I wanted to share was about Nik today.  He and I actually had our first real conversation.  He and I were sitting on the van seats on the sidewalk.  He was looking at the trees and said he wanted to be a monkey.  I said no, you'll fall if you climb up the tree.  Our high Oak.  He looked at me and said in his voice "me no fall.  Me no hurt.  Me strong."  He is trying to put sentences together w/ his words!  And sign at the same time!  It's awesome.  Well, I think it is.  I know most won't see this as a big deal but just the fact that he WANTS to communicate is a gigantic step in the right direction.  Don't care if it's w/voice or sign.  He wants to communicate.  And normal conversation.  Not just something he wants to eat.  For just a moment in time, it felt like a normal conversation with my son.  It really did.  Wanted to share it with you all.  He was also proud at Walmart today b/c I yelled at Summer for baby talking again and not saying the word touch right.  Nik proudly piped up correctly saying the word touch w/ the ch on the end!  His speech therapist is going to be so happy come Monday.  Can't wait to share it all. 

More tomorrow.  Busy day tomorrow for sure.  Lots going on.  Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.


  1. I am so proud of Nik and I do know that it's a huge deal! I hope someday I will hear Rex's sweet voice tell me something wonderful like that, too.

  2. Stephanie, it is totally awesome that you had a conversation with Nik. I remember one of the first times my 11 year old (who is not deaf but FASD) came to me and started telling me about one of his wishes. It was so awesome - while it may not be right, I experience so much joy when he reaches milestones that my normally developing kids reach easily because I know how hard it is for him and how much he has grown when it happens!

  3. Fantastic! He is really blossoming with your love and support. It's these simplest of moments that grab you and let you know their true heart underneath everything else. You must be doing something right. :)