Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday night

Yesterday evening the younger kids had church clubs.  All are not into it as much as last year as the format has changed quite a bit and we all know how kids are w/ change.  Especially some of my kids.  Last year they had science clubs, cooking clubs, dance clubs, jump rope clubs, etc.  It was really super cool.  They had a blast!  This year, it is more of a youth group format similar to meetings w/ some games.  So, different.  Also, there's not many upper elementary kids like Alex and Logan.  You have to be in 6th grade to be in youth group.  And though both are the age of most of the kids in the youth group, Alex and Logan are technically in 6th grade.  Had to hold them back in order to learn English.  Do it w/ all my kids.  Helps.  Anyhow, we may try something different next semester, I'm not sure.  May do a family night type of thing or something of that nature.  Not sure as we love everyone at the church we go to, just not sure if this is the right fit as far as activities go. 

Trust me though, they still have fun and learn and that's what counts.  This time, Alyona went with us.  She's having trouble in the bigger youth group as even though she's 13yo, she can't read and is on a 4 or 5yo level.  Makes a big difference when everyone else is in middle school and their age.  Yana goes w/ her and said Alyona is totally lost.  They didn't go last weekend b/c Yana was sick.  They're going this weekend.  Alyona may fit in better w/ the elementary kids still.  Not sure.  Hard w/ kids that are not in a typical "mold" situation.

And let the games begin!  Summer was the first one out which was no surprise to us.  

Girls were up first and the boys were to encourage them and cheer them on.  We were discussing encouragement that evening.  You try to pop the other person's balloon.  It is much harder than it looks.  

 Summer, measuring herself against Nik.  She sure has grown, hasn't she?

After the girls, it was all the boys' turn.  Nik is here waiting for instructions. After the activities, a sweet lady from church made Nik cupcakes for his birthday!  Thanks Lara, chocolate is our thing.  She even got Nik a present which he built as soon as he got home.  This is the one thing we love about our church, everyone one feels like family & is always there for you. 

The girls going into the house.  Though we told them to let Nik go first as the teens had decorated it for Nik.  

Some of the front door.

Nik's chair was decorated for him.  We had a late dinner.  Nik had cake before we left.  I'll have those pictures up later too.  Nik really did have a great birthday yesterday.  More on it all in a bit.  CAtching up this week for me has been just an uphill task.  Tough.  I'll get there.

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