Sunday, October 7, 2012

Time for all the birthday stuff

Well, I have a pile of pictures in here.  A pile.  All from his birthday.  Forgive me as my original intention was to say thanks to everyone individually.  That was before I new he'd recieve so many cards and gifts.  Had no idea it would be the magnitude it is.  Then I started getting confused as to who sent what and address got thrown out and well, you probably get the picture.  Trust me when I say each and every card & gift was greatly appreciated.  It really made his week. 

Nik getting ready to open another package.  

Much appreciated t-shirt.  Though Nik kept saying big.  Trust me, he's growing like a weed and it will definitely fit in no time.  Can you tell Alyona was the camera hog that day?

More cards!  He got a few that even sing.  He would keep signing he could hear it and play them over and over and over again.  

Now this was super cool.  Nik LOVED the Halloween drawings.  An entire class sent him cards!  He thought that was so neat.  

More drawings from the class.  Amazing.  We're going to get a small binder and put all his cards in them.  At last count, he had 53 and I know that's not all of them.  

I reused a bag someone sent.  Hey, it's going green, right?  Do you think my kids have the posing thing down pat?

Yes, Logan is always this excited.

Score!  Just what he wanted.  A camera and video camera in one.  

He's showing everyone and they're all oohing and ahhing saying that's what they want for their birthday.  Will do!  I got a deal.  $10 brand new.  No shipping even.  

I'm not sure which child is happier about this camera.

Max getting ready to figure it all out and explain to Nik.  Either Dad or Max do all the electronics stuff.

One of Max's friends bought Nik a Wii game.  He said he's like a little brother to him.  Very sweet for sure.  My teens have great friends who always participate in birthdays here for all the kids.  They've even gotten gifts! 

This is just a smidge of pictures.  I have many more to come.  I want to try to get some more done tonight.  Plus, the kids and I like watching Once Upon a Time.  More in a bit.  After the show. 

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