Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Haven't done one of these in awhile and thought it was high time I did.  when you have children with various mental health disorders, sometimes behavior is not what it should be.  So, I like to take note of the thoughtful things they do over a week.  Does make a difference for sure.  There's always something for each & every one. Started this and messed up w/ editing.  So, Summer is off for now.  I'll catch her up next week. 

Irina-- she's been playing hairdresser to her younger siblings any time they ask. 

Max-- keeping w/ the hair theme, Max has been giving people a hair cut when needed.  He recently cut Summer's and Warren's hair.  Very thoughtful of him.

Yana-- After school, Yana asks me if there is anything she can do to help.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness of that simple question.

Bojan-- Started letting Reni walk the dogs w/ him.  This is a big deal.  Gives them time alone to chat and bond further.  He asked her to go and initiated this time together.  She was so happy to go with big brother Bojan.  

Alyona-- Was so excited she chose to go and support Reni at her soccer game.  Cheering her on the whole time.  Very thoughtful of her for sure.

Alex-- Alex has been working super hard to try to keep the boys' room all cleaned up.  This is no easy task when forces are working against you.  LOL.  He wants a new room and to do that, I said the room must be cleaned.  He's thinking of more than just himself though as he's cleaning up his brothers' messes as well.

Logan--Logan has really been trying to work hard on signing and taking Nik under his wing kind of in communication.  It's nice to see for sure.

Reni--  She has really been taking the big sister role seriously.  If Summer needs a bath, Reni will do it.  She makes sure she has her diaper on every night and gets all her soccer clothes out for her.  She also makes sure that she is ready to go places w/ shoes on the right  feet.  LOL. 

Nik-- He asks Summer to play w/ him on the trampoline or swings everyday.  He truly loves his sister.  Just sweet of him to think of her all the time.   

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