Saturday, October 6, 2012

This and that

I'm so very far behind on things.  I'm working on it.  So, figured I'd catch up the last few days.  Friday, we went to volunteer at the church all day long.  And I mean all day.  I didn't bring the camera b/c I knew we'd be too busy working to take pictures.  It was for a fundraiser for a young man who is battling cancer.  So, kids and I got there about 10:30 or so in the morning.  All the homeschoolers and I.  Stayed until around 7:30 at night!  Kids made it the entire day.  I was very proud of them.  Not any complaining.   Did their jobs and were great helpers.  Many compliments and that meant a lot. I really was amazed at their stamina.  We packed our lunches but forgot drinks.  Church was kind enough to provide those.  After helping all day, we were spent.  Warren met us there and we drove home.  I have severe night blindness and am not supposed to drive at night.  Irina was my navigator.  Well, really just to make sure I stay on the road.  In back of Warren's car b/c if I were to misjudge something, at least we'd hit our own car.  I know that sounds horrible but really not much of a choice.  Had to get home.  Before we left the church though, we were blessed w/ a big bag full of clothes.  In addition, we were given some extras leftover from the dinner.  My kids were rather excited b/c there was a big bag of goodies! 

Stayed a few minutes and picked up the 3 teens at home.  All headed to Wendy's for dinner.  Had a gift card and we were also blessed that day w/ some money to buy the kids something.  Dinner it was!  We all were exhausted and just wanted something hot and fresh and quick.  Wendy's was great and never tasted so good.  All I had had that day was a pack of crackers and grapes.  I was so hungry.  Now, earlier, I had made the mistake of telling Nik after church, we can go to Target and spend his birthday money.  Never thinking we'd barely be able to walk through the store.  So, Target we went. 

Nik never did find anything at Target but I did.  See, the dogs had torn up my sheets.  Warren and I literally have one pair of sheets left.  But, hate to spend the $80 to $100 on King sized sheets.  Found some nice sheets on sale at Target for $35.  They were black.  Not the color I'd pick but the price was right so black it was.  Does look kind of weird on the bed though.  We found a few other clearance items that we needed.  Told Nik he had to go somewhere else as he didn't find anything at Target.  Total break down tears and all in the car.  Went home.  By this time, almost 11pm.  Beat. 

This morning, soccer bright and early.  Reni and Summer had a game first so Warren took them.  Irina and I went to yard sales and got a few awesome deals.  Wished we could have gone longer but I had to make cupcakes for soccer and shower and put in dinner in the crockpot before Alex, Logan and Nik's games.  Phew.  Off to the games. 

Logan and Alex played a hard game.  Ended in a tie.  Alex made the goal for his team.  Logan was "hurt."  I really hate the melodramatic orphanage kid.  They all do it.  Part of it is, the louder they cried or carried on at the orphanage, the more attention they got.  Makes sense but when they come home, you have to re-teach them it doesn't work that way.  Hence, why we don't go running over every time our 12yo is hurt.  He must learn.  I'm sure we look like uncaring parents.  We're not.  He needs to learn.  Warren went over there.  He was up and playing ball again.  NO issue.  URGHH!!!  Tried to explain to him in the car that's not how it works.  We'll be there if you get hurt but don't be melodramatic when your not.  Boy who cries wolf comes to mind.  And yes, all my orphanage kiddos have done it.  By far though, Logan & Yana have been the worst about it.  However, that makes sense as those two were my oldest at time of adoption.  Nik was out of it in his game.  Still tired from yesterday.  He was a zombie.  Just like Summer was earlier.  What was super sweet though was the other team gave him a birthday card!  How awesome was that?!  We also had cupcakes for both teams at the end.  Beautiful day for soccer.  Since my glass of milk didn't tide me over, Warren was sweet and got me Jersey Mikes they were selling at the game.  Between yesterday and today, I was just plain hungry. 

After soccer games, we went to the shed place to re-sign the contract...again.  Don't ask.  Been a comedy of errors.  Shed to be delivered very soon.  Wahoo!!!  Can't wait.  We then went to drop off some clothes we had.  Then, to stop by Walmart to pick up Nik's sports glasses.  Not covered by insurance of course.  URGHH!!!  We're hoping these work better w/ the implants and he'll keep them on.  While at Wally World, Nik spent his b-day money.  He loved it.  Bought an air hog helicopter.  Him and Logan were playing the rest of the day flying it past the giant oak trees.  So cool.  While there, I scored a pile of great deals.  Flip flops for the girls for next year.  Comforters for most the kids for ....$7 each!  And they're NEW.  That doesn't happen too often for my family so nice when it does. 

Went home and we all enjoyed some great french dip sandwiches from the crockpot.  Got the recipe off Pinterest and it is SO good and SO easy.  Love, love, love it!  4 lb. roast, 6 cups water, 1 cup soy sauce, 3 bay leaves, 1 tablespoon minced garlic and 1 tablespoon rosemary.  Throw it in the crock pot on low and let it cook all day. Literally falls apart on it's own & use the sauce for dipping.  Yummy!  6 ingredients and awesome on any day you need something simple for dinner.  After eating, worked outside cleaning up. Prepping for the shed.  This thing is huge. It's not like a little shed.  Handmade in KY and made to withstand hurricane winds.  Built better than the house.  LOL.  This allows us a place for the girls to go and main thing it does is give the boys more room. 

Today, been trying to catch up on some thank yous and paper work.  We refinanced this past week.  My emails are behind and so is just about everything else in this house unfortunately.  And that's alright.  Things will get done.  I'm trying to find a place Warren and I can go.  See, in December it is our 15th wedding anniversary.  We have not gone anywhere in those 15 years together.  Ever.  Sorry, adoption trips don't count as they are just too stressful.  Our honeymoon was simple as we were just starting out.  Stayed at my aunt's cabin in the mountains.  We wanted to do something special this year but w/ things breaking around here,  it just won't happen this year.  That's okay but still want to do something even if just something little or simple.  I put the message out on facebook and seems like folks are full of great ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg.  So open to suggestions here as well.  Given our situation, we can't be gone too long.  Thanks in advance. 

More to do today and frankly, I'm really tired.  By the end of the weekend though, this will be full of posts as tomorrow is supposed to be a really cold and wet day.  Rainy and chilly.  Perfect for staying in and catching up on emails and blog posts.  Pictures tomorrow it is.  TONS of b-day pictures.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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