Monday, October 8, 2012

The FAS Life

Well, despite my intentions of getting some more posts up, I have been busy.  Not by life mind you but 'my' life w/ FASers.  Today was a very rainy day so my couped up kids wanted outside.  That was not possible.  Down pours.  Remember, we have outdoor equipment for a reason.  FASers are constantly in motion and seem to have a need for movement.  Or maybe that is some of the other dx's.  NOt sure.  Just know they struggle to just sit there.  So, busy trying to find peace today w/ everyone and nothing to do.  Yes, there's plenty to do but they just don't want to. 

To add to this, I decided to cook sweet & sour pork from a recipe a found.  Worst recipe I've ever made hands down.  Yuck.  So bad, Warren went to get 12 egg rolls just so we'd have something.  You should have heard that conversation w/ trying to place an order for just 12 egg rolls.  Oy! While at the table, Max and Bojan were goofing off.  Max slapped Bojan in which he says "I think you just knocked the scoliosis right out of me."  Nice, huh?   Oh, side tracked.  A trait I picked up from my kids.  I laid the knife down to tend to the kids.  Came back.  Completely melted on the stove. 

Knife was not the only thing ruined today.  See, the trouble w/ having your FASers help out around the house, it inevitably costs you more than w/out their help.  The other day, someone washed the pin art contraption we have.  Little needles fell all in the washer.  Warren took care of that.  Today, someone washed a really good sized mirror!  How in the heck do you NOT notice a mirror being dumped in the washer??  Yes, glass all broken.  Washer still works...for now.  I may contact underwriter labs and ask to be a testing facility.  If it can survive Chaos Manor, it can survive anywhere.

Tonight, Alyona had a meltdown.  So did Alex but he did his punishment chore and went to bed.  Alyona, well, hers was a production.  It was a huge mess.  I'm sure at this moment she's not sleeping but rather making voo-doo dolls of me. 

So, no picture posts tonight.  Kind of worn out from one heck of an FAS kind of day.  Those w/ kids like mine know exactly what that means.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And, the saying around here is with every new day, there's fresh hope.  Tomorrow is looking pretty hopeful right now.  More tomorrow.  I'll be in a better mood to write.  But every once in awhile, you need to know this is not a fairy tale life but any means.  It's real.  And some days just feel like they'll suck the life out of you.  This, was one of those days.  Back on track and back w/ pictures tomorrow. 

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