Monday, October 22, 2012

Summer, Logan and Alex's last soccer game

Summer is such a different kid than she was when she first started soccer.  Wow.  This was a kid who used to fall.  Now, 2 seasons later she's running down the field.  Her last game was this past weekend.  She too was off kilter as was Nik.  Summer just would not stop talking this past weekend.  Was nuts.  Such a different kid.  Before, terrified of rain or water on her.  Now, she play soccer rain or shine. 

Summer after her name was announced.  So proud to be a little soccer player.

Everyone getting in place and getting ready to play ball.

Summer getting ready for a throw in.  

The coach talking to the kids after the game.  She has an awesome amount of energy.  

She was so happy they gave her a medal.  She also got a bag of silly bands.  

Still thrilled when we got home showing off her medal.  BTW, that shirt is a 6X I believe.  She really is growing in more ways than one.

Summer played at t he same time as Alex & Logan.  So, pictures were limited for all as I would switch from one field to the other.  Plus, Logan and Alex move way faster than the preschool team so pictures are very limited.  

Alex, getting ready to play.  Both him and Logan really need new cleats but this was the last game.  Not buying them till spring b/c their feet are growing so fast.  

Blurry, but Alex in action.

Alex, getting ready to set up a shot.  He made a goal but not sure if this was the one or not.  Hard to keep track.

Alex, playing soccer.

I think even Logan is in this shot.  Both of them run the field so much I really can't get many shots.  That's a good thing though.  Means they're playing hard.

This is my serious kiddo about soccer.  He lives for it.  Literally.  All he thinks about, watches, plays.

Logan playing soccer.

Logan has gotten on our nerves all season regarding his umm, 'coaching' of other players.  In other words, he believes he's the coach!  LOL.  He's a work in progress regarding team work.  Gotten better but still a little ways to go.  Thank goodness we had coach Steve working with him.  He is just awesome!  Let's just say Logan had to do push ups more than once during the season.

Alex, following the ball.  He has such a keen eye when it comes to soccer.

Both boys waiting to play.

The team finishing up playing.  And yes, he always looks this way even after a win.  He just gets so hot, needs time to cool down.

Alex up front and Logan toward the back.  Great team of boys.  They truly are.

 Alex, happy about the game.  They won.  He scored a goal during the game as well.  

Logan showing Summer all his after game snack goodies.  BTW, none offered to share with Mom!  What worms.  I took some goldfish anyhow.  LOL.  

Coaches talking to the team after the game.

Logan getting one of his stars.

Logan looks like he's matured quite a few years over the last few weeks I think.

All the kids had a great time playing soccer this season.  Their award ceremony is this Friday.  They're already ready to play next season though mom is frankly glad to have a break from it for a bit. 

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