Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soccer Saturday

Every Saturday, we have soccer for the 5 youngest kids.  We only have 2 games left.  It's happy and sad at the same time.  Kids have a great time playing, we enjoying meeting & making some new friends there, and just the relaxed atmosphere and enjoying the outdoors.  At the same time, it signals fall is about to start and that is great to want to go camping and do other outdoor activities on the weekend besides only soccer all day.  So, this past Saturday, they had games.  I didn't go to Reni & Summer's early game this time as Irina and I went to yardsales.  But, did go to the boys' games. 

Alex is all about soccer. His focus is highest when playing.  Wish I could transfer that focus to other areas.

They all move so fast it's too hard to get a picture of anyone really.  

Alex getting back into position.  He pretty much plays all positions except for goalie.  He told me he doesn't like being goalie.  LOL.  

Umm, can you tell we were having issues this day?  

I never got a shot of Logan.  This was the best I could do.  he was just running all over the place.  Well, that & I was watching the two games versus taking a bunch of pictures. 

He was so...very....tired.  Just beat from working at the church all day the day before.  None of them wanted to go to soccer.  Just sleep.  

Goalie was not the best place for him after such a hard day but Nik must learn life lessons here and there.  One day he'll have to work after he's tired too.  We all do in life.  This is the time I wished I had that fm system.  He needs it.

They had Jersey Mikes there this weekend.  Yum.  

Logan walking back to position.  Ready to play ball.  The team had no substitutions so everyone played the whole game.

Oh look, surprise , surprise.  Logan is trying to play 'coach' again.  He does this throughout the game & practice.  Though, he's getting better about it.  We constantly remind him he is not the coach.  Don't worry, coach reminds him too. 

Nik doing a throw in.  Still asleep.  LOL.  Poor kids.  They all survived though and had fun.  We have games this weekend too all morning.  

Well, back to ancient Egypt.  More posts for sure later.  Have started a bunch.  Time's been limiting on me lately.

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