Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RIP King Kota

A very, very difficult post to write on so many levels.  Today, we had to put our dog Kota down.  He is gone.  It's hard to even write those words as I still can't wrap my head around it myself.  For those that don't know, we  brought Kota and Alaska home 2 years ago when they were puppies.  Brand new puppies.

You were the cutest puppy ever!  So right at home.

You loved laying on your back.  Signs we were told of a calm dog.  

The best Christmas present any of us could have asked for.  See, we had just lost our beloved Bear.  Our 125 lb. flat coated retriever.  You and Alaska brought life back into the house for sure.  

You were a wonderful puppy.  Mischievous but what puppy isn't?  You'd cuddle up w/ us all the time.  Always there for us.  You and Alaska played non-stop.  And then  you grew up a bit more.  

Always loved the outdoors even in the snow.

Anyone could pick you up.  What a cute pup.  Loving, devoted dog.

You put up with 4 toddlers I watched during the day and our seven kids the rest of the day.  No easy feat for any pooch being surrounded by kids all the time.  But, you loved it.  You loved the attention.

We will miss everything about you.  Every bit of it.  We will miss how you'd have your special place on the couch.  We will miss how you go under our bed every night.  You were way to big but somehow managed to fit under the bed.  

We will miss as  you grew up how your one ear would always stick up and the other one down.  

We will surely miss how as a puppy and as a dog you would stick your tongue out just a bit as you would sleep.  

We will miss your spirit and your spunk as a puppy and a dog.  Your sister played with you every single day as did each of  the kids.  You'd greet the kids home from school with kisses and tail wagging.  You were such a faithful dog to 'your people.'  You loved them all unconditionally.  

You loved sleeping on the arm of the couch. 

That never changed.  And the kids would hang on to you.  Your other favorite place to sleep was on the stairs w/ your paws hanging out the spindles. 

There are way too many things to name that we loved about you.  How you'd curl up under my feet while I was typing on this blog.  Or how every single morning you'd jump up, put your front paws on the bed and wag your tail for us to get up.  You were the only dog of the three to look out the window when we left.  You loved your family.  

We will miss chanting to you every now and then.  "King Kota, King, King Kota."  You loved it.  We will miss you looking up at the fridge for your cookies.  You loved cookies and pigs ears of course.  You were a playful dog.  Always playing with Alaska or tug of war with the kids.  You have left quite a legacy Kota.  We already greatly miss your bark and your greetings.  Never have I seen a dog more happy to see his family than you.  Never.  Out of all the dogs we've ever had, you were the one who seem to love his family the most.  You truly wanted us around.  Protested by not eating when we'd go on vacation.  You hated being apart from your family.  

You provided comfort and companionship.  Though Max complained about taking you for a walk every night, he sure didn't mind you sharing a chair w/ him.

As you know Kota, we have some very traumatized children living here. I think you were aware of that.  You were always, always there if and when our kids who needed comfort the most wanted it.  They could lay on you.  They could trust you to be there for them to share their troubles with.  Your soft fur was just nice to touch when someone wasn't feeling nice or who needed that extra bit of therapy.  You were our ultimate protector.  You never let anyone hurt your family.  We could not even tease hit each other.  You would not let that happen.  You wanted us safe. 

You were mentally ill but we didn't care.  I think that is why you were the best fit for our family.  That unconditional love with others who also suffer from mental illness.  You were there when we needed you.  You hated the guinea pig though.  I don't think he will miss you. LOL.  Surprised he was not your lunch.  

You loved going for walks.  knew which houses had dogs.  Really, just too many good things to name about you.  I guess why today was so heart wrenching.  As you lay there dying in my arms, it was all I could do not to collapse from weakness.  Arms and legs just numb w/ pain.  I've felt that pain before just a few times in my life.  It's heart break.  That's what we humans call it.  I hate it that your life had to be cut short.  The vet was wonderful with you.  She always is.  She even said this is the hardest one she has ever done.  I know you couldn't hear them Kota but the kids were all literally moaning as they were overcome w/ grief.  There were tears from everyone.  Everyone felt this goodbye.  You were King here.  Always will be.  You will never know just how much you were loved.  You will be missed forever and for always.  

R.I.P. King Kota.  Always loved. 


  1. Oh it hurts to lose a best friend! I have had to put 4 cats down in the last 1 1/2 yrs and expecting another in the very near future. None are the same or easier. But they all live in our hearts.

  2. Hugs to all the Boyds I know you will miss him.

  3. I am so, so sorry, Boyd Family! May this grief and heart break draw you closer to each other. Love, Jo

  4. literally crying here. brings back memories for me. my black lab Brydgett was only 3 when she died suddenly (vet said either west nile virus or a bee stung her in the throat). i couldn't get out of bed for a week - you expect that dogs die OLD, that unless they get hit by a car or get lost, you'll have them around because dogs get sick as they age. (wishful thinking, huh?) then our dog Champion died old last year on her 14th birthday - we got some "bonus years" with her - of illness brought on by old age. looking back, we probably should've put her down a month before she finally died... but we couldn't. i couldn't NOT be there, because she was so loyal to us, and yet i couldn't be there either, i'd physically stop them from doing it.

    the night before Champ died, i prayed a prayer. we'd decided that the following day was the day we'd set up the appointment for a vet that comes to your home to do it, so they can die in peaceful, familiar, safe surroundings and not be scared (worth every extra penny to us). so i asked God to take her that night. she lived 14 years, and He took her the one night I asked Him to. when i found out He actually did, i felt guilty because I asked for it - grief is irrational - but looking back i thank Him because i know we couldn't have let her go on, and i also know that if we'd had to do it, i never would've gotten over that.

    if you don't mind my asking (it's okay if you do), why did you have to do it? a young dog like that, he looks healthy in the pictures (at least to someone who doesn't know him) and i KNOW you wouldn't have done it unless it was absolutely necessary, so i was just wondering. our older dog had some form of cancer, but also her arthritis in her hips. she was on pain meds but once she couldn't make it outside we knew it was time.

    in any case, i am praying for your family. particularly those kids of yours who have already faced loss in their life & are likely to feel this loss particularly hard.

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    Our power went out 20 mins after I last emailed you. We were without power for 8 nights, so I'm just catching up now, Monday the 5th. I am so sorry about Kota. We are dog people too, so I know it can't be easy. I hope you find peace quickly.

    The Halloween pics are adorable!