Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reni's perspective

Okay, I really hate it when my kids take the camera.  It usually doesn't work out that well.  However, they do it from time to time.  So, Reni had the camera the other day.  Only trouble is, Reni sees things a little tilted compared to the rest of us. She has strabismus and a few other eye issues.  But, doesn't matter.   She captures things too.  So, here's a little of what Reni took w/ the camera.  See if you can tell if she sees things a little differently.  Remember, to her this is even.

She took a picture of her brother Alex.  Hey, she got a  half smile out of him.

Nik getting ready to shoot an airplane at Reni.  Not too bad a shot.  Not leaning a whole lot.  

Closer they are, the more tilt it seems to be for Reni.  You can always count on Summer to ham up the camera.  

On this shot, I thought the rv might roll away.  LOL.  Alyona, who also happens to have massive eye issues.  Alyona's are much more complex than Reni's.  Alyona will never drive.  She's bummed but we told her early on so she's okay w/ that.  Reni should be able to drive but after seeing these pictures, we might want to reconsider that.  Have to ask the eye doc.  What's crazy, is Alyona does not see this way.  

Not sure what Alex and Logan are doing in this picture.

Not too far off w/ this one.  yet, Logan is at a distance.  The further away, the better the shot seems to be for her.  Logan is doing I don't know what.  

Nik, really enjoying the airplanes he received as one of his gifts.  Oh, he started decorating the door and windows.  Nik has no cares as to what he wears.  Apparently, neither do I.  

Just thought it was interesting to share how Reni sees things.  Okay, break's over for the kids.  We closed on the house today.  Just a refi but it was a good time to do it.  Paid time Warner and picked up some dough so I'm making pizza for lunch for the homeschoolers.  Irina did reading, spelling and studying science w/ them.  We're finishing up science and English after lunch.  Then, I think we may just chill around here.  Relief.  No place to be this evening.  Tomorrow for our field trip, it's time to give back some service.  So, going to the church all day for a fundraiser they are doing.  Yep, myself and the homeschoolers.  Should be interesting.  We'll be too busy to get pictures I'm sure.  

My kids all have a pretty good sense of empathy and wanting to help others.  There is one kid that is totally selfish but this is to be expected.  Yesterday though, the rest of us were stunned at just how selfish Logan is.  (I will have a separate post on the "selfish" orphan.  Happens a lot w/ older kids).  We were studying weather and disasters and what to do in one.  What you would take, what you need, etc.  He blatantly said he'd save his stuff.  Everyone got on his case saying you know you'd be dead, right?  ALL of them "got it" except him.  He is very, very materialistic for an orphanage kiddo.  you'd think they raised him at the Ritz. We're all working on it.  Takes time.  Hey, one out of 10 is not bad.  He'll get better.  He already is showing signs of giving so that's a start.  He's already learned fairly quickly Mom and Dad are NOT made of money and that his sister will have his head for not turning off the lights.  LOL.  And huge progress is every time he finds money now, he doesn't take it.  Loose change goes into the trip jar for helping to pay for gas for the rv.  Just now have to make him realize life is more precious than stuff in a disaster situation or any situation for that matter.  BTW, I've been in a few hurricanes.  Warren's been in a tornado.  I've been in a white out blizzard.  Felt a light earthquake but Californians would not have called that a real earth quake.  I've been in a near drowning and held up at gun point.  So, I've learned the value of life and how it can be gone in an instant.  Life is precious and I want my kids to understand that.  Logan will get there.  He will.  Tomorrow, I'm hoping his eyes are opened just a tad bit more.  Time to make the pizza.  Have a great day & I'll have more on here later regarding Nik's birthday.

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  1. I don't think it's being selfish. He has not had to experience tornadoes, blizzards or earthquakes in his life. Yet. And, when you think about where he came from, where he really had no things of his own, it's understandable that he would think to grab "his stuff". To protect the new treasures in his new life. He may be 11 or 12 years old in numbers, but emotionally and language wise, he's really younger in ways than some of your younger kids. He just needs to be taught that safety comes first and that those things can be replaced. <3