Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Really, raw???

Okay, my kids have eaten strange things over the years, I will admit.  But Reni with one of her habits is just unsettling.  Frankly, it makes us cry.  Why?

Our daughter LOVES onions.  And I mean loves onions....raw.  She begs for them. Eats them like an apple.  We all cringe when she does it.  She has been this way ever since she got home.  

Logan is eating some too but he's just doing it b/c she is.  Reni is the one who truly loves to eat onions raw.  Tries to take them every time we cook w/ them.  

To her...delicious.  Ignore Yana in the background. Didn't mean to get her in the shot.  She actually had just fallen off the bus coming home from school.  Ouch!  All bruised up.  So, that is my daughter's delicasy.   Bojan loves pickle juice.  Drinks it all the time.  All of them love pickles of course.  Logan and Nik crave hot sauce on everything.  From eggs to burgers.  The hotter, the better.  And my kids think my food love is crazy.  LOL.  No, not telling.  Anyhow, thought I'd share something silly today.  I have a pile of Nik birthday posts coming up.  We had soccer practice this evening and have church clubs tomorrow.  Hope everyone's week is going well.  Tomorrow is Nik's birthday.  To say he is excited would be a grave understatement.  He made us sing Happy Birthday to Nik in the car on the way home from soccer.  We obliged.  He was jumping up and down all the way.  He told us on the way home he's going to have balloons tomorrow and it's going to be decorated.  Umm, okay.  So, I'll have the older kids do what they did for Logan while we're away at church.  We'll have cake too when we get home from church clubs.  Plus, a friend at church is making them cupcakes & singing to him there!  He doesn't know that part yet.  Lots going on for sure.  We're ready though.


  1. As a Greek , I understand her craving! We add raw onions in salads (we wash them well though!) if she likes salads, put some tomatoes, onion, cucumber in a salad, add some olive oil and toss well (salt & oregano to taste) and I think she'll be in hog heaven.

  2. Stephanie, I used to eat onions like they were apples when I was younger too. I don't anymore so maybe Reni won't later on. :) Erikka, my 8 year old, loves drinking pickle juice. I cannot keep up with pickles in my house as well so it must be a universal thing that kids just love. Glad to hear Nik is having a fabulous birthday. I have a card that I keep forgetting to mail so will try to get it mailed off today!!