Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pumpkin art

Being that I'm not all that artistic, we  take art to a different level here.  I decided it's fall, time for some pumpkins.  Finally stopped raining so decided to paint some pumpkins for the season.  Whatever they wanted.

Reni, with that fake smile she and Nik have.  It's a ten year old thing I guess.

EVeryone getting ready to decide what they want to paint on their pumpkins.   We're not carving the big ones for a little while yet. 

Two thinkers.  It doesn't take us long to realize just how severely color blind Logan is.  He'll always ask us colors.  He's red, blue, yellow & green color blind.  He really can't see colors at all.  Otherwise though, vision is great.  Hey, at least he doesn't care if he matches.  Just don't ask him to pass the markers or crayons.  It gets interesting around here.

And why is she wearing a white shirt??  I sure didn't dress her for this.

I think that's scary enough, don't you?

Reni, just as content as Digby is behind her. Both just relaxing on a relaxing day.

We get paint whenever we can at yardsales.  Use what we have on hand.  Works.

Nik, very proud of his creation.  Notice the birthday boy tag?  He really doesn't want to take it off.  It's like his badge of honor.

My meticulous little one.

And Alyona is still undecided here of what she will do w/ her pumpkin.

Logan somehow always ends up w/ black.  Poor kiddo.  Would love to know how he sees things. 

I took the easy way out.  LOL.  Scary enough for me!

One of the kids 'zombies.'

Beautiful mum we have blooming.  Awesome deal on this beauty too!

Honestly think Alyona had more fun carrying around her pumpkin than painting it.  We all really did enjoy sitting outside getting a bit creative.  This was the same day we made the clouds.  So, worked out well.  Much more to come.  VERY busy this evening.

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