Thursday, October 25, 2012

Plans have changed

Truly, it's the norm in this house so I don't see why I should ever be shocked by it.  Christmas is coming up.  With ten kids, it's not all that easy at Christmas and we budget as best we can.  This year, had it all planned out.  We were going to take the kids to Stone Mountain in GA and do snow tubing at snow mountain as well.  We were to camp in the rv/ tent while there, cooking own meals so we can enjoy the other things.  Well, now Max needs surgery and nothing adventurous will be allowed for some time.  Let me make this VERY clear, this is NOT Max's fault.  Just life.  Plans have to change.  Can't really go anywhere due to surgery.  Like I said before, we have a big thing planned mid-November and we're keeping that.  This one though came out of left field for having to change Christmas plans.  We do not really want to do individual gifts b/c frankly it's just too expensive.  Right now, we are trying to think of ideas b/c well, it's November next week and plans need to be made as other things are going on here as well.  I would love to hear suggestions.  We have such a wide age range of kids.  In addition, need to most likely stay home.  We will know for sure next week how much Max will be allowed to do after surgery and when it is going to take place.  We will not do it before Thanksgiving though.  That we do know for sure.  Like I said, something big is planned which we haven't told the kids about yet. 

So, I'm looking for ideas far and wide.  Do I do individual gifts?  Just stockings and a group gift?  What would I do for a group gift?  Do we  still attempt to go somewhere?  Maybe just a group gift.  Maybe stuff for the new rooms?  Maybe boys or girls' gifts?  Not sure.  Since I have a few medical appointments next week, IEP meetings, etc. I am not as on top of things.  Need other input so coming here for ideas.  I will not respond to them though as the older kids read this blog from time to time.  Still want things to be a surprise.  Trying to think but nothing's happening.  LOL.  If you have ideas of what to do for ten kids for Christmas, let me know.  We want to make it special but be reasonable too.  Hope I said all that right.  My kids have made a Christmas list per my request.  Still blows me away of the simplicity of it.  I mean just to give you an idea of some of their requests....a mattress (okay we are working on this whole mattress issue for ALL.  Just waiting on some deals and for the new rooms), Nutella (my kids are obsessed!), Dr. Who stuff, a giant jar of Peter Pan peanut butter for himself, cleats, zipline (I know, I know), Barbie, watch, kinex, alarm clock (we go through these like water for some reason), etc.  They are not asking for computers or massive electronics.  They don't have lists a mile long.  I think that in and of itself says a great deal of their character.  These kids all spent years at orphanages where they did not receive gifts.  Some do remember getting oranges.  Some, even small gifts.  Some, nothing at all.  So I think it is admirable that they put things in perspective of what they could use or what they like.  Sure, would they be ecstatic w/ an ipod or something of that nature?  You betcha!  But I think they also know what is important in life.  And for me, that just melts my heart.  I want to make this Christmas special for sure as all have come a really long way this year and meshed as a family.  Creative people, come out of the wood work and give me some great ideas or point me to a website or what have you.  Need to get some good Christmas ideas going here.  Thanks a bunch. 

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  1. I would probably try to get new mattresses for all for Christmas as well as filling their stockings. You could all go to a movie on Christmas afternoon and have popcorn and/or candy. That was a real treat for my family. Does Summer expect Santa to come?