Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our weekend

We were boring people this weekend.  Supposedly, we were going to get hit by this storm.  Our county was even declared a disaster area beforehand.  We got...nothing.   Not really any rain or much wind.  The temperature has dropped and it is actually really pleasant outside.  So, this all really altered our plans.  See, originally we were going to work on the fence but decided not to b/c of said storm.  So, Saturday we all kind of slept in and did much of nothing all day long.  I mean we did do super duper cleaning in the house but that was about the extent of our day.  Boring. 

Today was not much different except we did actually get one row of fence posts up.  Seriously can't wait till the panels go up.  That will be awhile though.  We tried to do some more organizing and budgeting today.   Budget is becoming like elastic.  Kids hung out with friends.  Logan and Alex are royally grounded.  They were off grounding on Friday.  Why oh why don't these boys think things through first?  Just don't get it.  So, they are back to being grounded.  Extended period and partially in prison camp this go around.  Logan has never been in "prison camp" here and thus far, doesn't like it.  But, is at least smart enough not to complain.  So, if you see two boys in the yard doing various chores, you'll know why.  I'm SO glad the parent called me & told me what happened.  She is a neighbor.  She said I thought the parents should know.  And we should.  We would do the same and have in the past w/ various situations.  I think some parents are afraid to do that nowadays.  Don't be!  Kids need discipline & need to learn right from wrong.  I'm grateful for her telling me what my sons did and letting me take care of it.  She wasn't sure about calling but VERY glad she did.  My sons have written apology letters, delivering them tomorrow and grounded for a very long time.  It's part of parenting.  You must teach your kids their decisions are theirs and theirs alone to make.  I don't let any of my kids' disabilities let them get away w/ things.  This is real life.  There ARE consequences for your actions.  Today, you made the wrong choice.  Pay the price, learn from your mistakes, and become a better person from it.

Tomorrow is Monday.  Lots going on this week but that will be in Manic Monday.  For now, trying to wind down a bit.  We are so behind we haven't even carved the pumpkins yet.  October seemed to slip by us big time.  I'll get around to more posts.  I owe a few folks on one of the boards a post on stealing.  So, that is the next post.  Enjoy what's left of this weekend.  Not much.  

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