Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our day today

Started off early w/ a neurology appointment for Nik.  He goes to a developmental pediatrician.  We can get meds if we want but we choose not to.  Some of my kids are medicated, some are not.  Nik is not medicated for his dx's.  He can be handled in other ways.  Nice to know that if we feel he does need it, it's there for us.  Nik has his deafness of course but also autism, FAS, sensory integration, etc.  We basically monitor progress and relay problems.  With all his "stuff," she's not so sure he'll be able to read but I'm not giving up for sure.  We'll keep plugging away at things.  Until he stops progressing, we don't stop trying.  So onward.  We left there, went to Warren's work briefly and got hot cocoa & coffee.  They have a Starbucks on site at his work w/out the Starbucks cost.  That's nice and a treat for Nik as well.  See, if the kids have an appointment, we try to take that child out for a little something afterwards.  Kind of "their" time w/out anyone else.  One on one type time.  Secretly we tell each one not to tell the others. 

Came home, Warren went to work.  I was disappointed kids didn't do their work but kind of expected it too.  Got to work.  Worked on an Egyptian lapbook today.  We use A Journey Through Learning.  Great for my kids.  They are much simpler than some others.  We love Homeschool In the Woods but are much more involved for the level most of mine are at.  We may attempt some next semester though as I like them.  Very thorough.  My kids seem to remember things w/ lapbooks.  Remember, FASers do tend to be visual learners.  At least all mine are.  Having something tangible to help them remember is great.  And they get to prove stuff.  I asked my  public school kids what the longest river in the world was.  That would be Yana, Max and Bojan.  One said the Mississippi.  NONE could answer & the homeschoolers were more than happy to.  LOL.  Gives them confidence for sure.  It's also kind of an eye opener to what my public school kids have not learned.  They were lacking on the Revolutionary War for sure.  Anyhow, got a some stuff done and speech therapy was today as well. 

While we were working w/ Nik in the living room, other kids were in the dining room.  Well, time seem to be getting away from us all.   Well, someone disabled her alarm on her phone.  You know, the one that tells when she needs to go to her next client!  URGHH!!!  Boys did not fess up.  Lied.  How do we know it was them you ask?  B/c dummies (yes, I'm using that fits!), took a picture of themselves trying to put in a password to unlock the phone.  URGHH!!!  I was so ticked. 

Now, I have had to contend w/ meltdowns after meltdowns this week.  See, we had a tough decision to make.  And I will not share everything that transpired on here to get to said decision.  We had to decide whether or not to put our beloved Kota down.  It was to happen this Thursday.  It will not now.  Currently, looking to rehome him.  He IS a great dog.  I will not say otherwise.  However, he needs a family w/ not as much action in the home.  So, our speech therapist and a few others are looking for a family for him as are we.  Awesome, awesome dog.  This is so very, very hard to do.  I can't even write about all that has swarmed this decision.  Everyone in the family is upset.  Everyone.  It hurts.  It's hard.  But at the same time, we know it is the right thing to do.  Our vet agrees so everyone is on board.  He needs a home w/ less action and chaos.  A young person starting out or an older couple would be ideal. 

Anyhow, all this 'stuff' is going on here lately.  Hence, less posts.  Now, as if my day has not been filled w/enough crap to fill a port a john, we have FAS kind of things happening here.  Today, we made a cake for after dinner.  Great.  Just need to make the icing and knew i had enough for one batch of icing.  Go to make it.  Someone ate the stupid bakers bar of chocolate!  URGHH!!!  Had to have happened today.  Some selfish kid took the chocolate.  Knew I was making icing.  I was so mad I sent everyone to bed early.  Everyone.  I don't know who did it but I didn't care.  Was just mad.  This was after I had just finished telling Summer "we don't eat peanuts naked."  Yep, my life. 

Now, does it end there this evening?  Oh no, not in Chaos Manor.  Warren went to check on the kids.  He noticed Summer in bed.  However, something was weird.  Turns out someone had switched mattresses.  URGHH!!!  Someone wanted a thicker mattress.  Reason hers is there is so that she doesn't hurt herself in between the daybed rail.  Thief was Alex.  I was less than happy.  Granted, all the kids need new mattresses.  Well, all but 2.  Shoot, Warren and I have one heck of a ripped mattress ourselves.  But, after 3 adoptions last year and some major house/ appliance repairs, it is not happening as fast as I wanted it to.  And, can't find a mattress place to even cut me a deal.  Called a few of them already.  You'd think if someone was buying like 8 or 9 twin mattresses and 1 king, they'd want to work with you and cut at least a bit of a deal.  No.  So, until I work on that a bit more, we're all sleeping on what we've got.  And no one needs to take anyone else's mattress.  Just added to my day. 

They're not asleep yet.  Tomorrow, we plan on taking the kids on a field trip.  It's Halloween and they should know how chocolate is made.  Going to a local chocolate factory that just opened in the last year.  Get to see how it's made & all!  Fantastic.  And the fact that it's free helps as well.  Though, I'm sure we must spend some on chocolate, right?  After that, thinking of taking them to a park to play.  We'll see how we do with time.  Also have some errands to run.  Warren took off tomorrow.  So he's going with us for sure.  Should be great.  Now, I need to go get stuff done.  Tomorrow is a new day.  We are moving forward from here for sure.  There are other things happening but really, one thing at a time.  I think once this week is over, we'll be much better off.  Everyone has a bad week every once in awhile and this just happens to be our turn.  The good far outweighs the bad every single time. 

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  1. Have you ever checked Overstock for mattresses? That's where we got ours from a couple years ago. Not sure what your budget is, but we got a pretty good deal.