Sunday, October 21, 2012

One sick dog

Not too bad a weekend.  It was the last of soccer for all of us.  Awards ceremony is next weekend.  We got quite a bit done this weekend as far as cleaning goes and getting the yard ready.  This will be a pretty quick post.  Catch up some more tomorrow when I have more time.

Just wanted to say Digby sounds very sick.  Digby is our mellow fellow.

This was him earlier today.  He started coughing a little yesterday but today is bad.  All day hacking.  So hard, he throws up but nothing to throw up but blood.  He's not comfortable at all.  Just sad to watch him.  He was sick w/ something similar last year and it was actually the doggie flu.  Yes, an actual dog flu last year but the other two didn't catch it.  I am actually hoping it's the same thing & nothing more serious.  You can tell though that he really hurts.  Alaska and Kota are very concerned.  Right now, writing the vet and seeing if she can come check him out tomorrow.  Already swept and mopped the entire downstairs once today and sure we'll be doing it again tomorrow.  Keep you posted on our Diggs.  (his nickname here).  

More posts tomorrow for sure.  Just trying to deal w/ a couple happenings around here lately.  Max is still up right now.  So stuffed up he can't sleep.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here.  Glad we spent a lot of time outdoors. 

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