Thursday, October 11, 2012

OMG! Nik can hear!

Alright, I've caught my breath a bit from last night.  Let me explain.  I went upstairs to yell at the boys once again about going to bed.  Apparently, play time is bed time.  Anyhow, went to the doorway, yelled "NIK!" and he turned around and jump b/c he was caught w/ the kinex.  Now, let me give you a bit more info.  He had NO implants on.  There was NO mirror in front of him and NO way of him being able to hear me whatsoever.  No vibrations could be felt, etc.  And, I have witnesses in case you're wondering.  I looked at him, totally forgetting he's in trouble, and said "Can you hear Mom?"  He said/ signed "yes, a little bit."  I made him move to another part of the room and close his eyes.  Snapped in one ear and then the other.  He heard it in the right year, nothing on the left.  But, in the right ear, he....can...hear!  I was stunned b/c this is the first time we've ever noticed it, assuming he couldn't hear.  Totally forgot the kid was in trouble but still made him go to bed.  LOL. 

This doesn't really mean anything just an interesting finding.  Means a lot to me b/c I know I can scream at him when he's in danger and he can at least be aware of something.  Unlike years ago, BEFORE the implants during a ice storm. Kids were sledding and some idiot (every neighborhood has one, right?) tries to drive down the sheet of ice.  Mind you, ALL the neighborhood kids were playing in the street as the entire city was shut down.  Literally, nothing open.  Nowhere to go.  Some kid w/ a jeep I guess wanted to prove he could go down the road.  Not many happy parents that day for sure.  They were all sledding, everyone moved out of the way.  Everyone except Nik.  He had no implants on b/c they can't get wet (another reason we want the Neptunes).  People along the streets were waving to Nik and we're all screaming.  He was just too happy sledding.  Trouble was, jeep was coming, on ice, no way to stop.  I forgot who ran and pushed Nik out of the way.  I was by the mailbox and way to far to even get to him in time.  I could just watch in fear and horror.  So yeh, for me, a bit of peace of mind knowing now even w/out the implants on, he can hear me if I yell.  BTW, in the bedroom, I was not even full range screaming.  Just a mom yell.  I'm sure you all know what I mean by that.  Not a scream but louder than a regular voice. 

So, Nik heard me.  He truly heard me.  I was beyond thrilled.  I know it's not much, but it's something.  And yes, even though all hearing is taken away when implanted, it is possible for them to have a little residual hearing.  However, we never noticed he had any before last night as he never ever reacted before.  And trust me, there were plenty of times all these years he could of reacted  So, did this come out of nowhere?  Was it there all along?  Is he becoming more aware?  No answers.  I just know Nik can hear and I am thrilled. Just had to interrupt blog posts for this.  Wanted to share. 

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