Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nik's new specs

Nik has bad eyes.  At first, they even thought he had Ushers Syndrome & would go blind.  UNC dx'd him w/ RP(retinitis pigmentosa) & said he has the markers for it.  Over the last few years, it seems his vision is okay now & that is what we are surely hoping.  He can see distances just fine but up close is really tough.  Now, he should wear glasses.  Has to have thick lenses as his eyes really are bad.  However, you wouldn't know it if you met him as half the time, he hates wearing them & breaks them shortly after he gets them.  Insurance only pays for 1 pair every 2 years.  Umm, it gets expensive. 

Nik's problem is the implants AND the glasses are just too much around his ear area.  Never has worked no matter what we've tried.  So, recently we went to Wally World to try athletic glasses. 

Totally nerdy looking.  LOL.  But cool at the same time.  

A closer side view reveals that it is a soft strap keeping them on.  We kept adjusting them till we got it right.  

A little closer view.  Shows he's pretty content with them.  Or so we think.

Everyone doing some workbook activities.  And Nik is keeping them on.

Even kept them on as we went outside to study Ancient Egypt.  It was a beautiful day & decided to study outside some.  One day, we'll get to staining that picnic table.  Or not.  
Nik is not really tolerating the glasses any more.  Told him he has to wear them.  Nothing at all helps.  We've tried everything over the years.  He just can't stand them on.  We've tried every kind of spectacles out there.  Just doesn't work for him.  Frustrated b/c his vision will worsen and so will the strabismus.  But, as parents, we'll keep trying.  He's my little aviator in these glasses though.  So if you happen to see him in person and with the glasses on, make a HUGE deal out of it please.  Thanks! 

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  1. Could Nik handle contacts? That might be a more comfortable solution for him. He may be a tad young yet but it may be worth a try. Good luck,