Monday, October 22, 2012

Nik & Reni's last soccer game

This past weekend was the last of the soccer weekends.  It's bittersweet.  You miss going every weekend and watching them play, yet ready for a break to do something different like camping or yardsales.  We were late.  I know, you all are surprised by that right?  Everything picked out the night before and checked.  Somehow, some way, Nik's shirt disappeared in the middle of the night.  Kid you not.  Told him to wear Logan's since games were at different times.  Nik totally melted down.  Crying like crazy.  Made him put it on anyways.  See, Nik hates certain things.  He has his quirks.  Nik hates anything that he thinks is big.  Hence, why my son always looks like he's wearing clothes that are 3sizes too small.  So the whole time, Nik did not want to do anything on the soccer field.  URGHH!!  He would just wring his hands on his shirt over and over again.  Nothing could break him out of it.  So frustrating as I wanted his last game to be great.  Nik just was out of it.  Couldn't let go of the shirt.

I did not get many shots.  Most the time he just stood there and did this with his shirt.  But, the rest of the season was a success for him and he enjoyed playing.  And that's what counts.

It was a very chilly morning.  I made a mistake and thought Summer's game was that morning too.  It wasn't till the afternoon.  Alyona asked if she could take her Egyptian activity book to work on while  there.  Why not?!  

Reni getting ready to go after the ball.  She really is a go-getter.

Reni has no fear about getting in on the action.  She's ready for whatever comes her way.

Reni, still ready to play.  She has a great eye at what is going on around her.

Reni, stopping for just a moment.  

I sometimes wonder if Nik would be content with a bag full of snacks.  LOL.  The turd even went to the other teams and got snacks!  They had Krispy Kreme donuts.  By the time I realized that, he'd eaten half the donut.  I made him go apologize.  Other team didn't care as there were extras but I did.  What a pistol.  

Both  had great seasons of playing soccer.  Reni absolutely loves to play.  At times I feel she has something to prove.  She wasn't allowed to play on teams in Bulgaria b/c she was a girl.  Only boys could be on the teams.  Even when Logan came home he went on and on how girls can't play soccer or do this or that.  We just said yes they can.  Reni feels powerful for sure when she's out there and she's gotten very good at playing the game and enjoying it when she's on the field.  She even got to play goalie some this year.  Though she prefers to run the field.  I do believe Nik likes to be a part of a team despite still being in his own little world.  He'll get there.  I like the Upwards program a lot.  Was just the right fit for our kids.  

Need to go prep some veggies.  Warren is making pork fried rice for dinner this evening.  We all love it.  Dogs got a bath.  Alex is watching the news to do a current event article.  Trying to get him to be able to do stuff that I know he'll face next year.  More posts for sure.  I'm back in the swing of things.  Yana is out for a run.  I'm getting ready to do some weight lifting and stretching myself.  Cardio after dinner.  Well, quite some time after dinner or that wouldnt' be good. 


  1. Whooo-hoo! Go Reni! Hope Digby is feeling better.

  2. I just read the top of this post.... Does Nik have sensory issues? I have SPD (or SID) and things like that used to drive me crazy... Collared shirts, seams on socks, etc. Just a thought!