Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miscellaneous pictures

Yes, leftover pics in the camera time.  So, here goes just a few.

Max enjoying some peanuts for an after school snack.  

 A friend of ours dropped off some clothes for the boys.  Some of the shirts were a bit big so Logan and Nik enjoying joking around w/ both of them in it.  Thanks for the clothes Tonya! 

Sisterly love.  For now.  Reni and Irina do joke around a lot lately.  

Nik thought it was hilarious to be in this big shirt. 

The past few days Summer has been under the weather with a cold.  Not that it's slowed her down any.  Gave her a lollipop to suck on.  Blue as you can see.

She can smile even when she doesn't feel well.  Amazing.

Nik going backwards down the stairs.

Handstands.  And he does this up the stairs too.  Crazy, huh?

The smile that will get us in trouble in a few years.  Logan just chilling out for a bit eating a sandwich.  

Warren got home late today as they had a chili cook off at work.  Went well.  He loaded up the rest of the chili.  Missed seeing the hidden speed bump on campus.  Yep, over the entire crock pot of chili went.  Chili all over the car.  We let the dogs eat most of it when he got home.  It's a mess.  Poor guy.  Guess we'll be adding cleaning up the car to our list this weekend.  Not much else going on thank goodness.  We're studying weather and of course the monster storm that's brewing makes for a great topic.  We live in NC.  Too early to tell when & where it will hit.  Been a very slow hurricane year which has been wonderful.  We'll be tracking this one just to see.  Seems like it will miss most the NC coast but catch the outer banks.  I think Sandy's winds are around 100mph currently.  Depending upon how close it comes to the coast depends upon what happens here.  We're not worried.  Just had wanted to patch up the roof before it happened.  URGHH!!!  If we just had a few more hours in the day, we'd be golden.  Oh well.  Not too worried about this hurricane for us.  But, combined w/ the other storms, some of the Northern states may get hit pretty hard.  I guess we'll all know more later this weekend.  Kids have an awards ceremony for soccer tomorrow.  Should be fun.  NO games for the weekend.  Wahoo!!!  Sleep in as it is supposed to rain all weekend.  Maybe we'll finally be able to catch up on sleep, organizing, emails, etc.  Yeh, right.  Enjoy your night everyone. 

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