Monday, October 8, 2012

Manic Monday

I made it through the weekend.  Today is a very, very rainy and cold Monday.  Okay, so 53 isn't really cold to many but in NC, it's a drop in temp and we're wimps.  LOL.  Yet, many of us in NC don't turn on the air till it's in the 90's so that should tell you something.  We've got a few things going on around here.  Thought I'd share briefly before we get back to the birthday pics.

  • Nik & Summer have speech therapy
  • Church clubs this week
  • Soccer this week
  • Shed may come this week
  • Rainy, rainy day today
  • Planning many of trips this year
  • Adoption has been way too much on my mind lately
  • We all super duper scrub cleaned the house this weekend
  • Next month is adoption month.  Would love to do something.
  • Nik's birthday was awesome!
  • Big surprised planned for the kids in November.  Only Irina knows.
  • Irina & Yana are going on a beach trip w/ a friend for a weekend
  • We're going camping the first weekend in November
  • Finally fixed the kitchen cabinets this past weekend
  • Refinanced the house
  • Selling stuff around the house to help w/ big trip
  • Warren and I would love to go somewhere for our anniversary
  • Need a new roof....still 
  • Yardsales for Irina and I were too short this past weekend
  • Bojan & Max are picking out colors for their new room.  Pink was not an option of staying.  
  • Need to get our Halloween decorations out
  • Logan, Reni & Summer's first Halloween here
  • Still trying to figure out what in the world we're doing about Christmas this year
  • Have yet to figure out Thanksgiving too
  • Homeschoolers are studying ancient Egypt
  • Need to make reservations for Bulgarian Reunion
  • Kids are getting bigger
  • Little kid fever on the mind lately and do...not...know...why!
  • Reni & Nik are not wearing their glasses and it's really ticking us all off.  As soon as we notice, we make them put them back on.  Nik's always been a pain about wearing his glasses.  But Reni, just in the past few weeks.  Her eyes are fine.  Not the issue.  
  • Bojan's new leg is doing well
  • My kids can do some wickedly cool flips on the trampoline
  • Washer is not broken.  Wahoo.  However, today, someone dumped a mirror in there.  Glass all over the machine.  URGHH!!!
  • Black sheets are just, well, weird
  • Our mattress is really torn up
  • Nik lost part of his implant
Little stuff going on.  This week is actually a "break" compared to normal weeks so pretty psyched.  Only 2 weeks left of soccer.  And though I'll miss it,  it will be nice to have a little more time to get some other things done.  I little miffed at an NGO right now.  How can it be that I've been asking for MONTHS for the info on Reni & Logan's bio sibs.  One is most likely in the orphanage.  In fact, I know they are.  I can't get any info YET a friend of mine recently asked.  Like asked last week the SAME NGO for similar info regarding a sib.  48 hour turn around time!  I'm very happy for them yet at the same time really mad at the NGO.  Our family is very anxious to know the answer and what may be of the sib and if they are available for adoption.  How is it they treat one family different then the other?  Mind boggling.  I'm going to contact our agency and try to get the ball rolling again and figure this out.  Sorry, but we DO need to know.  Reni and Logan NEED to know.  I may sound like a pain or a broken record but I feel my kids have the right to know what happened to their siblings.  Rant over.  More to come.  Tried a new recipe today.  We'll see how it goes.  


  1. You know it is because that certain NGO sucks and is focused on money not the kids. I'm 3 PPRs away from never having to deal with them again. Can't wait!

  2. I'm excited to hear about the recipe and the trips. I love all the Egyptian art exhibits that come through New York area museums, the last one we saw was about Cleopatra. Beautiful artifacts. We are lucky to live close enough that it's only about 45 mins to shows and museums in NYC.