Monday, October 29, 2012

Manic Monday

Didn't get to this till this evening.  Getting ready to head out to a little party thing this evening.  Just ladies.  Should be a fun time.  Anyhow, thought I'd post a little of what is happening this week. 

  • Max has an IEP tomorrow.  Forgot to cancel it.  
  • Max has his ortho MRA on Wednesday morning
  • Warren and I have appointments on Wednesday afternoon
  • Halloween is Wednesday
  • No candy bought yet
  • Month flew by us
  • Max has neuro appointment on Thursday
  • Leave Friday for a camping trip
  • Ready for a break
  • Tomorrow will be a hard day for us all
  • Still nothing on the sibs of Reni & Logan.  Well, they said not there but that is not true.  Long story I'll get into later.  Frustrating to say the least.
  • Summer has a cold
  • Giving kids a test tomorrow
  • Thinking of Thanksgiving
  • Having a big Thanksgiving here this year.  ALL are invited.  
  • Having shrimp fried rice this evening
  • Love the new shed
  • Fence posts are going up.  Wahoo!!!  
  • Big surprise for kids in November
  • Speech therapy all week
  • Soccer is officially over for the season
  • Bojan still has stage band practice after school on Thursday and Fridays
  • Yana wants to join track again
  • Got absolutely none of the predicted storm here thank goodness
  • Ready to watch Castle this evening
  • Alex and Logan are severely grounded and yes, I will have a post on it b/c it deserves a post by itself
  • trying to think of Summer and Irina's birthdays in December
  • It will be a year that the 3 from Bulgaria have been home in late December
  • Is there such  thing as 'adoption fever?'  LOL
  • Loving the fall weather
  • We have a 50 lb. bag of popcorn
  • A friend brought over some clothes for the kids today
Need to get ready to go. Will have more later this evening I think.  Need to get the kids settled down a bit though.  

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