Monday, October 22, 2012

Manic Monday

Busy week ahead here so let's get to it.

  • Shed delivered on Wednesday
  • Max has ortho appt. on Tuesday
  • Soccer awards ceremony Friday
  • Church clubs Wednesday
  • Vet may come to check out Digby
  • Digby is coughing up blood
  • I'm ready for a break
  • I get to go to Myrtle Beach for our anniversary!
  • No idea what we're doing for Thanksgiving
  • Ready for our camping trip in two weeks
  • Summer broke my camera...URGHH!!!
  • Irina is job hunting and filling out applications
  • Going to start Max on the hunt next
  • IEP for Max coming up soon
  • Studying Egypt one more week b/c kids really are enjoying it
  • They voted and studying the Middle Ages next
  • House got cleaned this weekend.  Mess again already.
  • Reni wants to start running w/ me
  • We're going to start w/ walking first.  LOL.
  • Alaska got a bath this weekend
  • Kids are growing like crazy
  • Finally decided on Christmas (kids read this sooo not telling)
  • Big surprise for kids in November (again, not telling)
  • Need to sell a bunch of items
  • Girls and I can't wait to get back to yardsales
  • Ready for cold weather.  Well, NC kind of cold weather
  • No birthdays till December thank goodness
  • My teens are eating me out of the house lately
  • Irina taught the girls how to make pretzels today
  • Going on a camping trip in two weeks
  • Not ready for Halloween
  • Fixing a lot of broken things around here
  • Yana is practicing for track
  • Bojan is in stage band now

Much more happening around here.   Posts later. 

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