Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Manic Monday

Boy is it ever!  There is so much happening, my head is spinning.  There is a big decision that has been made.  I will discuss further in the week.  It's been a long 2 days here, tons going on and frankly, I may not be able to get on here in the next day or so.  I am tending to kids dealing w/ some issues and much more.  So, manic Monday will be very brief today.  More later in the week.

  • found out today that the head of the IEP team left.  No one informed me.  No wonder my emails were left unanswered.  URGHH!!!  
  • my son did not give me the papers I was supposed to sign
  • my kids are going through a rough time right now
  • our shed was supposed to come tomorrow
  • shed being delivered next week b/c we don't have the time to prep the yard
  • Warren can no longer go to his dentist
  • checking kids dentist tomorrow
  • our healthcare is changing due to new mandates.  I...HATE...IT!
  • We will not be able to afford for Nik to have speech therapy starting January when new benefits start
  • Same goes for Summer
  • Med costs are going up for us from $45 copay to $120 copay
  • I hate the health care changes for the record ( for those who didn't before, I'm sure you guessed it now what political side of the fence I'm on.  LOL)
  • checking on all benefits that have changed to see what else is affected for us
  • last soccer practice is tomorrow
  • speech therapy is this week
  • last soccer game is this week
  • we're not going to clubs this week
  • house is a mess again after being cleaned up this weekend
  • no idea what we're doing for Thanksgiving still
  • camping the first weekend of November
  • big trip planned for the kids in November but only Irina knows about it thus far
  • never did get all the thank yous out
  • most the kids need new mattresses
  • Thursday is going to be a very, very hard day for our family (more later)
  • a distant cousin of mine has given Warren and I a gift...we are going away for our anniversary! (again, more later)
  • been blessed this week by two different families
  • early release this Tuesday for school
  • Nik goes to neurology on Wednesday
  • One child last weekend was pointed & laughed at ( I will not go into detail as some of my kids read this blog from time to time) in public
  • haven't gotten Halloween costumes out yet to see what we have
I started this all yesterday.  There is a ton going on at Chaos Manor all at once.  It's a very hard week for us but not quite ready to talk about it all yet and what all is going on.   I have piles of emails to answer.  I'm getting to them bit by bit.  More to come.  We all have crappy weeks from time to time.  This appears to be ours.  Meltdowns, hard happenings to deal with, and too many other things to name.  Life.  It happens.  We're muddling through this week and looking forward to next week being a new, fresh week.  Last weekend of soccer this weekend.  I'm ready.  Love watching them play but want to do other things on the weekends now.  Weather is changing and just nice to go places and spend time outdoors. 


  1. Does the local school district provide speech therapy that you could use until insurance gets squared away?

  2. Sorry Mama! Insurance stuff sucks. XOXOX