Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday

Wow!  Lots happening here and that's why I'm writing so late in the day.  Shoot, it wasn't till just now that I finished school w/ some of them.  Hey, some days are just like that.  I'll cut to the chase w/ some bullet points and then later have a post on much more stuff.

  • Discovered baked meatballs aren't happening this evening b/c meat is not thawed out.  
  • Going to Wendy's tonight instead
  • Studying weather in homeschool right now.  
  • Way ahead on social studies so skipping this week & focusing on other subjects
  • Waiting on when shed will be delivered
  • Social worker came
  • soccer this week
  • church clubs this week
  • speech therapy this week
  • Nik's birthday this week
  • Progress reports came out
  • Nik can not stop talking about his birthday & running to the mailbox
  • Went to a corn maze
  • Am way behind on just about everything
  • Max cut my hair.  I asked for a trim...bye bye about 8 inches.  
  • Nik lost part of his implant.  The coil and magnet.  URGHH!!!
  • Need to do a fundraiser soon
  • Haven't decorated for Halloween yet
  • My kids are driving me crazy today
  • Sent in voter registration card to change polling place
  • Can never get caught up w/ thank you's
  • Sorted through Bojan and Alex's clothes this past week
  • Somehow, only 2 of my boys have winter jackets.  I am seriously perplexed by this one
  • Nik is absolutely in love w/ this orange pillow pet and blanket
  • Warren's car needs repair
  • Van needs balancing
  • Roof is leaking....still
  • Refi-ing on Thursday
  • Nik is making sentences now!  (not on paper)
  • Bojan's leg is new and breaking again
Way too much to tell you but once again, need to cut this short as I've started it at least 4 times today.  That gives you an idea of how today is.  Many more posts after dinner and bed time.  Need to get kids sorted first and laundry for that matter.  

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