Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mail Time!

Unfortunately, I've been bad about posting all his birthday pictures.  Frankly, I couldn't keep up with all the mail.  I wanted to thank everyone individually but reality set in about the 3rd day.  Just know each & every gift was a dream to him.  It really was.  From singing birthday cards to kinex coaster to a pillow pet he sleeps with every night to tattoos to you name it.  He simply loved every bit of what he received.  He has not thrown a single card out and won't let me put them away yet.  LOL.  So, think I'll give him a binder and put each card/ drawing in there to remember.  This is one birthday I know he won't forget.  Now Summer is bugging us for her birthday.  What a character. 

Nik, opening a card.  I love that the other kids get excited too.

Can't you see the look of anticipation on his face?

He typically will read the cards first which really surprised me.  Usually kids want to rip right into the package, skip the card.  Not Nik.  He wanted to savor every part of it.  

That crazy smile that drives me nuts.  Him and Reni do it.  Must be a 10yo thing.

Another package from folks that we met at the Bulgarian Reunion this summer.

Nik, wondering what is in those packages.  He would get so excited at each and every package opened.  Just was very content and happy for a birthday boy.

Nik, reading some of the cards that were given to him. 

I think Irina is excited about the journal.  

Pencils are always quite useful around here.  As you know, Nik draws all the time.

Nik was happy once he knew he could draw in the journal.  He's been using the sketch pads that he received for his brithday.  He got 4 of them to keep him busy!  Max is very happy about that.  Before, Nik would steal Max's paper.  We have all used the color pencils and markers quite often for things we do in homeschool.  Believe it or not, more pictures to share.  I wished I could have caught every moment.  Every kid scream he made when he'd open a card.  The music cards he would play over and over again.  In shock each time and saying I can hear.  I can hear!  Referring to the card.  Just were so many nice little moments in his birthday experience, I was very touched.  It clearly shows Nik has many people that care about him.  Thank you, no matter how many times I say it, will never be enough.

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