Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mail Call

I know I'm kind of going backwards but that's just the way it's going to go.  I'm usually out of order anyhow so why not start w/ today. 

Nik got a special delivery today.  Carefully opening what's inside.

Think he's getting a tad bit excited??

Nik, getting ready to look inside at his gift.

Summer is curious for sure.  Nik is trying to see what it is exactly.  

Legos, definitely a hit!  That fake smile has to go from him and Reni.  Driving me nuts.  LOL.  Thank you Holloway family!! 

Nik opening up a card he received.  

He pulled this out and said clear as day..."clear."

It also came with stickers!

This all came in a handmade card from Kenya!  Mary Beth has a friend in Kenya in the Masai tribe.  Isn't this cool?!  Thanks a bunch.  

Nik received quite a few cards of them.  Some of them even from VT!  Thank you Parry family.  Hope I spelled that right.  

Seriously need to work on his smile. 

Most of the kids watch Nik open the cards.  If they sing, they take turns listening to them.  

Irina and I always help read the cards.  Nik really is enjoying opening all these cards and gifts.  Amazing to see where they're all coming from.  England, Canada, VT, CA, NC, VA, Australia, and way too many other places to name.  Really neat to see where they are all coming from.  Amount of support for one little boy really is awesome to see.  After living for years in an orphanage celebrating no birthdays and having NO communication whatsoever w/ anyone, it is wonderful to see Nik get the best birthday ever and wanting to tell people all about it.  He was telling his speech therapist all kinds of things today.  Many have helped contribute to make one kid a very happy little boy.  I can not express my gratitude enough and know I'll never get to thank everyone individually.  Wish I could for sure.  Just know, it means a lot to Nik.  It really does.  So, many more Nik posts to come this week and we'll get to them all.  For now, need to get to bed soon. 

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  1. I am so happy he got the Legos and he was excited. I tried to package it so it wouldn't get too messed up and stuffed it with paper to hold the bag in place in the box.

    Happy 10th Birthday Nik. Today is your special day. You are one awesome boy and have so much love surrounding you.