Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let them eat cake!

Boy, I'm pretty bad at getting these posts done.  However, there is something I'm trying to work out detail wise but can't post on here as my kids sometimes read.  So, we'll have to be a secret till mid-November.  Shoot, we haven't even decorated for Halloween. We're behind.  But on a positive note the house got a deep scrubbing downstairs today.  I can honestly say I'm ashamed at what all we found under the couch.   Anyhow, wanted to share last Wednesday when Nik wanted the cake before church.  Originally, he wanted me to make a rollercoaster cake.  He was just as happy w/ me writing on it. 

I know, pretty plain.  But, it works.  I used the disposable icing bags so the writing looks pretty rough.  Kids don't care but being that I used to decorate birthday cakes, I do.  Didn't feel like getting the icing bags out or the tips.  Lazy.  Well, that and we had to go to church clubs.  

He's smiling here though hard to tell.  We celebrated w/ just us and 2 of the teens' friends.

I think he is totally pleased that he blew out the candles.

I love this shot.  Love between brothers.  Look where Alex's hand is.

Enough of this.  Time to cut the cake and eat up mom!   May not have looked too pretty but it sure tasted great.  It was gone w/in minutes.  The whole thing.  We haven't found a homemade recipe we like yet for the cake. We love our homemade icing and that's always been a big hit wherever we make it.  Use box cakes on the cake part.  However, love to try a homemade recipe if anyone has one that the like.  More birthday pics to come!

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