Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homeschool happenings

It's October and I think we're in our groove. Yes, we do have to still tweak here and there but getting better.   All read every single day.  We do journals and pe of course.  Soccer season is over but they play all the time still.  Currently, we are studying Egypt in history.  Ancient Egypt.  They have had a great time with this.  And what made it even more awesome, is a friend named Heather sent them some surprises in the mail on Egypt.  I have never seen kids so excited to get school stuff in the mail.  LOL.  It was so cool.  I have more pictures but not loaded yet.  Alyona enjoyed it so much, she took her activities book to the soccer field. 

Nik studying the colors of the death mask of King Tut.  We talked about all kinds of things of ancient Egypt.  The gifts we recieved really brought it home. 

He used the picture of King Tut to color his own King Tut.  Turned out awesome.

We've been letting them do Halloween crafts here and there.  Nik created this one all on his own. 

Irina is a teacher assistant to me.  She has history this semester.  And English.  And of course we're working w/ voc rehab for job hunting.  But she is also a great TA for me.  She works with Reni and Logan a lot.  She is working through their English stuff w/ them.  I'm working wtih Alex though he can do most that on his own.  I focus on Alyona and Nik a lot b/c they need the most help.  I'll check all the kids though.  Many things we can do together.  English though and math they are on different levels.  Oh, I was on the phone today w/ a friend for way longer than I should have been.  Came out and they were playing math bingo on the floor!  Never even asked them too.  We're doing the Pizza Hut Book It program as well.  

Finishing up the Wright Brothers and flight as we got sidetracked on the weather.  Flying will be finished tomorrow.  Weather almost.  Probably next Wednesday.  Then, we're studying astronomy.  Going tot he planetarium for that one for sure.  I can tell they're learning things which I love.  And though we follow no specific curriculum, we do much of what the schools do.  We covered all the presidential stuff already.  Thought it was important.  

Anyhow, I'm also trying to get them to learn some home skills as well.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, repair, etc.  

Reni is almost taller than Irina now.  Irina is teaching them how to cook.  They are making soft pretzels this day.

Irina messed up the first batch but corrected herself and redid it.  The girls are learning quite a bit from the cooking lessons for sure.  And Irina is doing great reading the recipes.

One thing Irina can't stand is germs in the kitchen.  LOL.  She makes them all wash their hands before they can even start to help.  Good practice though. 

Irina has also taught them how to cook Ramen Noodles and tea.  Various kinds of sweet tea.  She is also teaching how to make cookies and cakes.  Hey, keep this up and I may not have to cook.  

Homeschool is day to day.  We do field trips almost every week.  I think it helps a bit.  They learned quite a bit at the chocolate factory.  How many kids get candy for Halloween & have no idea how the chocolate is made or where it comes from?  Mine do know & I love that.  

So, still trucking on with homeschool.  Next up is Thanksgiving studying and the Middle Ages.  Also, astronomy on the list.  Field trips to the zoo, campgrounds, museums, park and planetarium are planned for November.  Well, got to run. 

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