Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Homeschool happenings

We've been trying to get in our groove w/ homeschool.  Think we found it.  For the most part.  Some days are better than others but that goes to show you it's normal here.  yeh, right.  We are ahead in history so taking a break this week.  Still waiting to register them all for homeschool.  The state's system was down and is now up.  However, waiting on them to give me an email.  They are sending them out over the next 2 weeks in batches.  Have until Nov. 24th to register.  Just want to get it taken care of.  Have been tracking attendance though and such.  I save their work & things of that nature.  Anyhow, we're working on various things.  For science, we are currently studying weather.  We're done w/ inventors and are on weather.  Been great thus far.  Worksheets/ study guides along w/ a lapbook.  And little experiments thrown in just for kicks. 

Started on our cloud projects.  Something simple but they are recognizing them more and more in the sky.  They have cumulus and cirrus down pat.  Still mix up stratus and nimbus but oh so close!  

Reni outlined hers in chalk first.  I asked her what kind it was and she said Cumulus.  

And there went all my cotton balls.  

Alyona working on her cloud.  We're keeping it simple and just sticking to the main types of clouds.  Not all the other classifications.  They are in elementary school so it fits.  

Nik was too impatient to make a cloud.  He put together one of his Lego birthday gifts instead.

Summer wanted to make a bead animal versus a cloud.  I let her.  She's technically not in school yet but goes along w/ all our learning stuff anyhow.

Summer carrying some of the cupcakes for Nik's team.  Nik's team and Reni's team ended up getting some as we had enough.

Summer, passing the time by making silly faces.

Summer, w/ that smile that never ends. 

Soccer is part of homeschool.  PE of course.  We also go to church clubs and have field trips here.  We also teach some basic home cooking stuff.  Reni helped make the baked meatballs yesterday w/ Irina.  All are reading and we're doing the book it program just like at school.  All of them need a lot of help in English.  Irina helps me w/ their stuff though so that's good.  We do her stuff more at night when the rest are in bed.  Works and you have to do what works.  I do feel all of them are learning something.  It was storming in the car the other day and Warren was driving.  I randomly asked what two things attract lightening and screams of answers came out...just from the homeschoolers though.  That should tell me something right there.  Same thing happened the other day w/ the Revolutionary War.  So, if my kids can retain it, how come the public school kids (my kids) can't?  Makes me think a lot and that this was the right choice for them.  We may not like it all the time but that is true of any school I feel.  Got to go.  We have clubs this evening and I make roasted chicken for dinner.  Cake is ready for after church.  A nice lady is bringing cupcakes for the church to sing to Nik.  Much going on w/ homeschool and other things.  Enjoy your evening.  More of Nik's birthday after I get back from the evenings activities. 

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  1. O.K., so I keep reading the word lapbooks. I homeschool my kids, but haven't heard of this, not that I look into stuff too much. I pretty much stick with the same curriculum year after year. What are lapbooks?