Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Handcuffs and haircuts

So, my day is totally getting away from me lately.  tonight we had church clubs but had to leave early b/c Warren got a call from work and had to take care of things at work.  Warren's been on the computer for awhile.  On a different note, think Max is going to need an MRI.  He had an x-ray last month of the shoulder but think he tore something.  He's really complaining and it's a rarity he complains of pain.  Calling in the morning asking for an MRI referral to see what he's done to it.  Everyone is feeling pretty okay for the most part.  Sinus stuff creeping in but that's the season for it.  We're keeping very busy here w/ many things and trying to make everything work schedule wise.  I am determined to catch up w/ things but hey, life tends to happen around here. 

When we volunteered to work at the fundraiser at church on Friday, we packed our own lunches.  This is what Nik packed.  

He told me the monkey was bad and was in handcuffs.  Nice one kiddo.  BTW, next carpet on the stairs will be brown!  Beige is a stupid, stupid color w/ kids and dogs for sure.

Max, starting to cut Summer's bangs for me.  He is our resident barber.  

He's very meticulous too.  And, she sits still as can be.  Mind the occasional giggle.

She looks so happy her big brother is cutting her hair.  Summer is almost always happy for sure.  

Can't work without headphones you know.  This is the one thing we can't seem to keep enough of in this house.  Headphones.  Drives me nuts.  What they're doing w/ those and toilet paper, I'll never know.  LOL.  

And there he hog.  This is Nik's new face.  He does it right when the camera is about to flash.  He times it well.  What a nut!  

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  1. What a love to trim her hair. Sorry his shoulder hurts.