Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally, a shed...first step

As I've written over the last few weeks, a shed was coming.  This was the first step to making more room in this house.  You just never know when you'll need it.  No ideas please, there's enough of those going around as it is.  We tend to have house guests here and there over the last few years and this will make things easier if that were to be the case or if something else came up or kids wanted friends over or whatever.  Many possibilities.  Not limiting it.  But, in order to do this, we must empty the garage.  Trouble is, we need the freezer, camping gear, tools and quite a few other things.  So, a shed it was.  Well, today it was delivered.

Two sheds on the truck.  One on the right is ours.  That's the back of it.

We interrupt homeschool to see how in the world they're going to get this shed down the driveway & in our yard.

Do you really classify it as a shed if it takes up almost the whole road?

Guys figuring out how they'll do this.  They deliver two to four of these a day.  It really is no easy task.

Now, here's where we were wondering how in the world this is going to work w/ one guy doing this work.  One shed, one guy.  Nuts!

It made the turn.  Has wheels on one end of it and the mule on the other.  

Leaves knocked off but no branches.  This is where we became a little more concerned.  This guy really must trust his equipment not to fail.  Down a hill they go. 

And this is where the equipment broke down.  They finally got it started back up but took some time.  This is a sharp turn in our driveway.  By that tree.  On the otherside is a very big drop off into the creek.  You can't tell that by looking at the trees though.  Fedex guy hit our oak tree one year after I told him to turn around.  He thought he could make it.  2 people have ended up off our driveway into the drop off at the top of the road.  Umm, we live here.  If we suggest to turn around a certain way it is not b/c we think you can't handle it.  It's b/c it's necessary so your car won't end up in the creek or the ditch.  These guys were listening to us though.

The three stooges goofing off glad that mom is not talking about Egypt again.

 See just how well made this thing is.  Solid as a rock!  And beautiful too.

No, it's not unlevel just the way I took the picture.  We chose a red roof.  Thought of the green one but like this one.  Kids want to live in it.  LOL.  Hey, maybe that's where the new room should be versus the garage.  Just kidding.

Another view to show you just how big this thing is.  Needs to be though.  Now, Warren needs to pull power to it to run the freezer.  First though we're putting up the fence starting this weekend.  Pending weather cooperates.  Hoping to get almost all posts up.  Would be nice.  So, any helpers?  With all of us here we should be able to get something accomplished I would hope.  After the fence, Warren pulls power to the shed and then we start loading stuff in it.  Wahoo!  AFter that, garage changes.  Very excited about it all as you can imagine.  Give us a little more elbow room.  

Well, we're having chili for dinner as Warren has a chilli cook off at work tomorrow evening.  Fun but just for employees.  Bummer!  Friday the kids have awards ceremonies for soccer.  Should be fun.  Weekend girls and I will get up early and go to yardsales.  We missed them.  I know, we're frugal but we have fun so don't care.  Then, it's working on the fence.  A lot.  More posts to come. 


  1. I want to see a photo of the inside of the shed.

  2. It looks like a cute little house.. Too bad you cant live there and let the kids live in the big house :-)

  3. Wow! It really is a beautiful shed. Definitely worth the wait.