Friday, October 19, 2012

Field Trip-- part 2

After we went to the chocolate factory, we headed off to another part of Raleigh for lunch.  See, recently my mom purchased some gift certs and this was the perfect opportunity to use them.  Off to Grand Asia Buffet it was.  We had never been there and so we were all pretty excited to be honest.

This is the box the candy bars come in.  2 to a box.  So, we split it up.  I actually loved the sea salt one.  The pink peppercorn was unique but some liked it.

Don't you love the organic ingredients?!  Not many is the part I love about it.  Had the kids look at this and then read the ingredients on a bag of chocolate today.  Words they couldn't even pronounce.  Big difference.  

Reminds me of Willy Wonka except w/ silver wrapping.  

Ooh, on our way to the Chinese buffet!  

Looks like he's smoking but he's just trying to blow the straw wrapper off at me.

This shot was after Logan had just tried straight Wasabi.  Poor guy.

Reni got an eclair and told Alyona she just had to try it.  Finger licking good.  

Don't let the smile fool you.  She's trying to get out of eating dinner and go straight for dessert.

Buddies for sure.  

 Why what else would you do at a Chinese Restaurant than build a jello tower.

They noticed the fountain on the way out w/ pennies to make wishes.  

The girls wanted their picture taken w/ the statue.

What a comedian.  Pretending to be bit.

Not sure what Logan's trying to find in there.

Satisfied bellies and then it's off to the bread outlet.  Only trouble was we remembered you must have cash or check & I had neither.  So, hunting for an ATM began but Warren didn't want to pay the fee for one.  

 Saw Petsmart & wanted fish for the little aquarium the kids got for upstairs.  Just little neon tetras would do.  Got the guinea pig drops we needed too.  And cash for change.  Then, off to the bread outlet.  We love it.

These giant bags of bread are just $4 a bag.  Filled to the brim.  Got tons of bagel thins, loaves of bread and french toast.  Put it this way, we spent $21 and it should last this family of 12 for about 12 months.  We resisted the urge to get the Tasty Cakes for just $1.50 a box.  LOL.  It's a great way to save money for sure.  And, it's not as smushed as it looks.  
After the bread outlet, we went to pick up Bojan.  Umm, we kind of forgot about him.  Sounds horrible but I kept thinking it was Friday b/c usually we do field trips on Fridays.  It was Thursday.  Thursday I pick him up from band practice at 3:30.  Fridays, 5:00.  So, you see why I was confused. 

Came home and we winded down.  Then, we had dinner.  Very grateful that someone from church had dropped off a full dinner!  Actually, plenty of food for 2 meals for our whole family.  It was so awesome.  

Today is Friday.  We stayed and worked all day long.  Kids knew that as we were gone yesterday.  Tomorrow is soccer.  Then, clean up the yard.  Not much happening.  Someone is coming by on Sunday to meet Kota.  It may be a match.  I have my reservations but not sure if they're valid or just selfish on my part.  After all, he is our dog.  The possibility that someone could even remotely love him half as much as we do is impossible to phathom.  It will be nearly impossible to let go but deep down we know a different situation for him is best.  Our vet agrees but still does not make it easier on anyone here.  So, we'll see how Sunday goes.  Got to get a few other things done.  Yana is staying at a friend's for her birthday.  Rest of us are just hanging out here.  Our family camping trip is in 2 weeks. First week of November.  Kind of can't wait to go and relax a bit in fall weather. 

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