Friday, October 26, 2012

Fair time!

Every year there is a fair in Raleigh.  Every year, we truly can't go.  It is outrageously priced.  It is a much better deal for us to go to an amusement park.  This past summer, we went to an amusement & water park in KY.  Told the kids they would not be going to the fair and all were okay with that idea.  Well, some managed to get to go with friends this year.  Their friends' parents took them as a treat.  Some were for birthdays some just for us having their kids over often.  Thought it was very nice of them to do.  So, Irina, Yana & Bojan were able to go this year to the fair. 

Friends.  I think they had a great time at the fair. 

Some of the girls goofing around.  

I don't think he's going to be saying much.  

Pretty gross.  Yellow teeth from the Jawbreaker.  

Irina bought an apple at the fair.  She also bought one for me!

 Take that picture and I may break that camera in half kind of look. 

Bojan trying to figure out how to shove the Jawbreaker in his mouth.

Bojan.  That thing is huge!  

Jawbreaker coma.  She sucked on this thing all day.  That's leftover Jawbreaker around her mouth.  Hilarious.  What goes up, must come down.

What I thought was sweet was the kids that went brought home Jawbreakers for everyone that didn't get the chance to go to the fair.  Bojan also won a little stuff cat and gave it to Summer.  Funny story with that.  They saw Bojan at the fair.  One of the game stands that you throw darts at.  I guess they figured he couldn't throw b/c of the leg and deformed fingers.  Whatever.  They told him you could try for free.  Bojan said "So you don't think I can hit that?!"  The parent that he went w/ was cracking up.  She's known him for years, our sons have been best friends for years.  Her son is from Ukraine.  So, Bojan took the shot and made it.  They both said the look on the vendor's face was priceless b/c he didn't think Bojan would win.  Said "oh, I guess you get a prize."  That's how Summer got her black cat.  Just was nice of my older kids to  go to the fair and think of the kids that couldn't get to go this year. 

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  1. Sounds like you week has been fun. Are you in danger from Sandy?