Monday, October 1, 2012

Corn Maze-- part 2

I am trying to get a few more posts done tonight as I have so much to share yet.  We didn't go to church yesterday b/c 2 of the older kids were not feeling well.  Yana actually slept almost the entire day.  She's fine today so that's great.  Because we didn't go to church, we decided to go to the corn maze later in the day.  These are pictures from that day.  Other post has the first few sets of pictures. 

Nik, seeing how tall he has grown.  

Reni, trying to measure herself.  My Bulgarian kids are still ticking me off a tad bit on the competition thing w/ growth.  They measure how "better" you are at something by how tall you are.  It is the dumbest thing.  Reni's getting better about it but Logan is still locked into this mentality.

Logan, not quite so tall but definitely growing a bunch.

No energizer bunny here.  LOL.  Her batteries were completely shot.  She was so dead tired.

Alex is really getting taller.  

Alyona milking a cow.  She was thoroughly disappointed that there was no real milk coming from that cow.  LOL.  Just water.

They got to play on a playground.  Young and old.  

Alyona waiting her turn to go down.  

Reni is going down the slide.  She begged me to take her picture.  Her and Nik are both camera hogs.  Kind of nice though to have kids that want their picture taken.  

That's the crazy bus full of kids I have.  Notice the driver of the playground truck in the background?  How many kids do I have anyhow??

Alex and Logan setting up for another bowling game.

Girls took a little longer to set up but did it none the less.  I don't think Reni's been bowling before so we need to get that checked off our list soon of firsts.

Summer was just happy to be sitting and not walking in that corn maze again.

Well, they handed out free Chick Filet coupons but we realized half way there that they're closed on Sundays.  So, it was off to Wendy's w/ our free Frosty coupons.  Can you tell they were happy about going??

We all tried vanilla frosties this go around.  Delicious!  Nice way to end walking a few miles in the maze.  Came home and kids played outside.  Unfortunately, Nik lost part of his implant.  As of today, Monday, still no sign of it.  It was the coil and magnet part.  Couple hundred dollars worth.  Got to love it.  Fortunately, we got a free Neptune coil and magnet.  AB gave them out awhile ago.  NOT the processor part of course.  So, he's covered for right now.  Yana feels better today and went to school.  Got to go put some kiddos to bed. 

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