Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chocolate Factory Field Trip

First off, it's definitely not Hershey.  However, it is fantastic and I recommend it if you're in the local area.

Great old brick building at the end of the street.  Quiet for downtown.  Beautiful, isn't it?

Logan, standing in front of the sign.  The name of the company is Videri.  It's Latin for "to be seen."  They do approximately 200 lbs. of chocolate a week.  Versus Nestle or Hershey that does approximately 3 million lbs. a day!

You walk into the store and the aroma hits you right off the bat.  Wonderful aroma of fresh cacao beans.  They come from Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, etc.  The sort the beans by hand!  They are a 100% organic fair trade chocolate company.  Love the architecture in this building.

Irina reading all about the fresh ingredients before we go into the little factory.

Nik and Logan standing in front of the coffee roaster.  I loved that the place took each step of the process and explained it on little signs for the kids to read.

She is the one of the things in this place just as yummy looking as the candy bars.  

Yeh, Reni wanted to do her own hair today.  They're all looking at how the organic candy bars are made.  

This is stage 4, grinding w/ the stone machine.  It is when they actually classify it as chocolate.  We explained all the stages to the kids.  1) sorting  2)  roasting  3) winnowing (separating the husk from the nibs) 4) grinding the bean 5) tempering (heating it to a certain temperature & melting it)  6)  Eating (our favorite part!)

The boys watching the tempering process.

At this point, I think we're all drooling.  LOL.

Looking at the new ingredients coming soon. 

Warren explaining a little math to them.  Kilograms. 

I think he was quite happy with the chocolate factory.  

The best part....samples at the end!  They make 4 kinds.  Dark milk chocolate w/ 70% cacao.  Pink peppercorn.  Sea Salt.  Dark chocolate.  All were by far good.  Though not as many of us were too keen on the pink peppercorn one.  It was great having the kids read the ingredients compared to a regular candy bar.  But then again, we normally don't pay $7.99 per bar either!   This is an awesome place to visit to get a quick lesson.  No appointments needed.  Self-guided tour.  Great folks there too.  And, no charge for parking.  We loved it.  It's a quick little trip but definitely worth it.  Love what they're doing and trying to make a go of it.  Locals, worth checking out for sure.  The atmosphere is just wonderful and the aroma stays with you.  

More tomorrow.  Got lots to do.  May have found a home for Kota. 

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  1. So happy Kota found a new place. :)