Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blessings Abound!

Our family is very fortunate and very blessed to be sure.  Just look how everyone banded together and was able to give Nik a wonderful birthday.  He was so happy that week checking the mailbox.  I loved it.  I really did.  That was an enormous blessing to our family.

Recently, a friend gave the girls a bin full of toys/ crafts, etc.  Thank you Rebecca!  And just yesterday, we were told to pick up a desk for the girls.  I had not idea it would be more than a desk.

The car was full.  We were so surprised and so grateful!  

Alyona and Reni showing off their new pillows.

Summer, helping to carry the pink drawers to their new desk.  

And the desk.  Just perfect for the girls.  They ran upstairs and set it all up.  Even had the perfect girlie pink lamp to put on top.  Awesome.

Everyone checking out all the goodies that were included.

Even Alaska had to check out all the new stuff.  Bunch of books which as you can see Bojan went straight to.  He's our book worm for sure.

Nik and Reni ready to get creative.  Really cool set that came with the goodies.

Kind of like an old spirograph when I was a kid.  Tons of fun.  Thank you so, so much Kerrie for all the goodies.  The kids really did enjoy them.  

It has been a rough week and I know I owe a post.  I'll get there.  Well, Monday was the absolute worst for us.  A friend came knocking on the door.  Hadn't seen her in months.  I wanted to cry when I saw her.  She was carrying a huge salad and garlic mashed potatoes.  It was a sight for sore eyes b/c none of us had even contemplated dinner.  In addition, she brought over a bag of clothes.  Above is Summer trying on her new snow white dress.  She was thrilled!  

I think the shocker of a blessing came from a relative of mine.  She's a distant cousin who also has a heart for adoption.  She has adopted from Ukraine.  Anyhow, she gave me a gift.  She booked a cottage on the beach for Warren and I to stay for our anniversary!  So, two nights at Myrtle Beach sans kids!  51 days and counting.  Can you tell I'm a bit excited?  LOL.  I was stunned and very taken back.  After such a stressful few days and dealing w/ meltdown after meltdown, to hear we can go away was truly a blessing.  My ears may ring from the sound of quiet, I'm sure.  Thank you is not enough for what Judy & her husband have given us.  A chance to renew and revive is priceless. 

I just had to share all the blessings as of late that we've been graced with.  It does not go unnoticed and truly, I wish I could do more about personally thanking people better.  Shoot, I never even got all Nik's birthday thank yous out.  I tried.  I will say this, life must come first here.  The kids' well being.  And if meltdowns are happening in any certain given week, that is where the priority would lie.  Just because you adopt, doesn't mean the work ends once the papers are signed.  Tons more to do especially if they are PI kids.  There is much to over come and sometimes, it can go on for years.  I have had a few days of PTSD, anxiety, FAS, RAD, emotional, etc. kind of meltdowns by multiple children.  Some of this, I have not seen in years.  That's why the blogging slacked off a tad for sure.  I just wanted to share the good that can still happen even during such rough weeks.  

Just today, I received a gift from my mom.  $300 from for gift certs to use.  For those that don't know about, check them out.  Ends up being about half price and great deals.  We've used them in the past.  (must sure to read the rules as each restaurant has their own specifications).  It costs us typically $100 if we want to eat out.  So this certificate will really come in handy for a meal.  Thanks mom!
Today is Wednesday.  We did not go to church clubs b/c we were expecting something to happen tomorrow.  Again, another post.  Max cooked chicken on the grill for us while I made the side dishes.  Simple tonight.  Tomorrow, kids and Warren and I are taking them on a field trip.  Downtown.  There is a relatively new chocolate factory.  Hey, we're having Halloween soon, they should know how chocolate is made.  It's a little shop so perfect for us.  And the price is  Okay, I'm sure we may spend a little on chocolate.  LOL.  If we have time, and we should, we'll go to a park & maybe out to eat w/ a gift cert.  Public school kiddos are obviously jealous.  Hey, they just went to the State Fair w/ friends so I'm not feeling but so much pity here.  They told us we must bring them home chocolate.  I'll think about it.  Depends upon how good it is. 

Last soccer game is Saturday.  We MUST prep for the shed.  It is indeed being delivered next Wednesday.  Max has an appointment w/ ortho next Tuesday.  Got to run.  More coming later.  Need to do a few life things first.  getting kids to bed for one.  Talk soon.  Mood is much better today. 

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  1. Yay! You got a nice dose of sunshine today. Love it!