Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blast from the past (2005!)

Found even more pictures!  These are a few from 2005. 

And this is the crew from 2005.  

Irina and Yana used to be super duper close.  As they've grown, they've grown a bit further apart.  Hoping one day they'll get as close as they used to be.

 Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?!  Bojan was 6yo here.

 We used to call Alex cotton top b/c his hair would get so white.  In this picture, he had recently turned 5yo.

Irina went from young girl to young lady in just a few short years.  Time sure does fly.

The 3 stooges for sure!  LOL.  Trouble makers back then and now.  Alex, Bojan and Max.  They were so proud to show us how they got dressed up for church.  I about cracked up.  Only one has shoes on.  

Well, I have learned that my kids sure have grown.  More later. 

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  1. In these pictures, Irina looks so much like Alyona does now.