Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday Wonderment

I know that's probably not even a word but it definitely describes this home lately.  I wish I could bottle his reactions every time he opens a package or stack of cards.  Nik is absolutely loving this.  It is doing wonders for him and the others for that matter.  I have yet to experience the jealousy I thought I'd see with some of this.  Instead, they're genuinely excited when the mail comes and waiting to see where the card is from and what's on the post card, or reading it for him, or opening a package.  They're just as excited.  LOL.  Want to share a few pictures.  I am sorry if I don't remember what came from whom.  I can with all honesty say he's enjoying it ALL.  From stickers to toys to cards to everything.  He loves it!  I have many pictures.  None are in any particular order and it will take me days to even get to them all.  This will be pretty short as I have some other things to tend to. 

Nik received this in one of his packages.  It says Birthday Boy.  He is wearing it. I made him take it off today.  He put it on the fridge and said he'd put it back on tomorrow. I tried to explain that it's for his birthday but to him, these past few days are his birthday.  LOL.  I'm going with it.

Reni is covered in tattoos that Nik received in a card from Rebecca.  Umm, I think they enjoyed the tattoos a bit too much.  

The wonder of a child with something new is always enjoyable.  Katherine sent a box full of goodies.  When I say goodies, I mean goodies.  There was candy in there too!  LOL.  But these markers are window markers.  My kids have never used them before.  Made by Crayola & I think pretty cool.

Nik didn't want to draw anything first.

He also helped Summer out a bit.

Such concentration on that little face of hers.  She really is trying so hard to make a sun.  

Summer, very proud of her work.

Nik, really working hard to finish his drawing.

Don't mind Shrek's swamp back there but end of season.  Nik drew a house, sun, grass and his name of course.  Then, he went to the front door to draw his ghosts for Halloween.  We let each child take a turn at a window.  We're leaving them up for I don't know how long.  Hey, we don't have to wash the windows while there up so I know it's going to be at least two weeks.  

How's that for an attitude teen shot.  Bojan using Max's computer.  I think know before long this one's mouth will get him in trouble.  

More birthday posts coming for sure.  Like I said, so many pictures, I'm trying to do what I can to get a few posts up at at a time.  Thanks to all of you for making this one heck of a birthday for Nik.  He really will cherish all these memories.  Tonight they spent the time making beads that you iron.  Playing w/ glider airplanes and stickers.  Just so much to do and have good old fashioned fun with.  But what I like best is it really is bringing all together to play.  More soon. 


  1. Sorry, I forgot to put a note in his box about the nail polish for the girls. :0 I ordered a bunch of polish and I sent the girls all the ones I got duplicates of. You have gorgeous kids! I especially love the shot of your hubby in the background. Your blog makes me smile a lot.

  2. Everyone seems to be really enjoying the gifts. I'm kinda jealous about the window markers.