Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And surgery it is

Bummer.  Had an appointment w/ ortho this morning for Max.  Our oldest son.  I assumed they'd say sling it for a week or two, PT, blah, blah, blah.  Umm, nope.  Quite a bit more serious than that but not obviously as serious as some of Bojan's ortho surgeries.  Not that this is a competition mind you.  LOL.  Anyhow, we went to Triangle Orthopedics.  They have a satellite office a few miles away from us.  Yeh, don't have to trek to Duke.  I took him. Warren went in briefly but then left to go to work.  They x-rayed him and those were fine.  Evaluated him and could tell right away something was out of whack.  Now, for those who are not aware, the majority of PI kids will have a rather high tolerance for pain.  Really high.  Put it this way, Irina got a finishing nail about 2.5 inches long go through her knee & she didn't even know it.  Max also has a very high tolerance for pain. 

See, Max has dislocated his shoulder 3 times and popped it back in to place himself each time.  I have not known about but one of these times.  Only indication anything was wrong was him grimacing here and there and an occasional complaint.  Told the doc last month at their regular check up.  X-ray was clear and said probably just a sprain or something.  But, as he continued, I thought we should get a referral to the ortho.  We did and that's where we went today.  I think they looked at me like I had three eyes when I tried to explain his reacting to stuff since he is PI and has FAS.  PI kids are just different and majority of professionals do not understand that.  Shoot, in the beginning I had no clue either.  I do think professionals do need a little more education though in that department. 

They x-rayed Max & then started to move the arm around.  Doc knew right away what was wrong but wants to be thorough.  He's doing an MRA that injects dye into him this week so they can see the soft tissue damage.  He also thinks there is a tear in the bicep.  Doc said he definitely needs surgery.  They will schedule after the MRA.  Just in time for the holidays.  Doc wants Max to keep up his strength for now but not to overdue it.  He's only allowed to lift half of what he has been doing and no playing w/ the sibs.  Wrestling and weight lifting are out.  I think he was scheduled for that next semester.  Max also broke his thumb at some point and never told us.  This caused the growth plate to close.  How can you NOT know you broke your thumb?!  Again, high pain tolerance and this is common in these kids.  Shoot, he broke his wrist last year and the doc & I both didn't think it was broken b/c he did not complain not once.  X-ray showed the break and we got the cast of course. 

This surgery will be done locally so nice not to have to trek to UNC or Duke for surgery this time.  I like this doctor a lot.  I think he's very thorough and definitely knows his stuff.  Max is taking it all in stride.  I told him of our original Christmas plans.  We can not do it now for sure.  So, working on alternative plans as things have to be booked in time.  Not his fault and made sure I made that clear.  Just plans change.  Was told surgery needs to be soon.  We have plans and bookings for mid-November for something we have yet to tell the kids about.  I will definitely wait till we are back from that for him to have the surgery.  IEP is next week and I'll inform them of any class changes, like weight lifting, that need to be made.  I'll know more next week of when the surgery is.  Not what we were expecting today but never is.  Just go with the flow and move on.  I was proud of the other kids that stayed home.  They actually did all their English, except for Nik b/c I have to work w/ him, reading, and studying Egypt.  We just had lunch and now are getting ready to hit science until the speech therapist comes.  We all dropped Max off but stopped by the farmer first to pick up some apples to tide us over till Friday.  May be cheaper for us to order by the case he said.  Summer now has a cold and sore throat.  Her fever is gone.  Just treating symptoms.  Hoping it passes quickly.    So, that is today thus far.  We did score big at our Dollar General stop.  Just stopped for peanut butter but had outdoor items 90% off.  Got real shovels for .90 a piece.  Bird feeders for .30 and things of that nature.  I racked up for $2.85!  LOL.  We're bargain hunters here so made our day for sure.  More later.  Just wanted to update on Max. 

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