Friday, October 26, 2012

An educational surprise

Last week in the mail we receieved a few surprise boxes from a friend in NJ. 

Kids were working and I put the boxes on the table.

I think now Nik thinks all future package are for him.  Don't worry, the other kids set him straight.

First box had a big bag of Dove Chocolates!  What an awesome treat.

I have never seen kids more excited to get educational materials.  

This was just one of the kits.  There were all kinds of stuff in the kits along w/ other items as well.  I have never seen these before and now want to see if they have them in other topics.  It went right along what we were studying.

And, Logan wanted his picture taken too so I had to.  

Reni and Nik w/ their fake smiles drive me insane.  Must be a 10yo phase.  Here's Reni showing the tattoos and one of the masks.  Kids were those masks for days.  

Yep, I could see her as a Pharoh in ancient times.  She rules this house.  

King Tut's mask was a little creepy for me.  

Reni, showing off the cat mask.

Now, the thing we all enjoyed the most was these stain glass pages that came with the kit.  You color them and put them in the window like stain glass.  Turns out really, really cool.  They are still up on our windows.  

Nik, working on his stain glass.  Notice the Dove wrappers by him?  

Not only did we get these cool kits, but a movie we've all been wanting to see.  We were so excited as we haven't seen this one before and looked forward to it.  Movie night it was.  Can not thank Heather enough for that wonderful surprise.  Every single item has been used.  They even took the activity books to other places like the soccer field.  Really engaged them to learn more.  

Got to get ready.  Kids have soccer award ceremonies this evening.  After that, the rain is supposed to be starting.  Will last all weekend.  So, fence building is out.  We are going to shop for groceries and then do a really good scrub cleaning on the house inside.  Making a list of little repairs now so we'll have something to follow.  Hey, if we have to be in, might as well make the best of it and get things together around here.  May write more later tonight or may just enjoy an evening vegging out on the couch watching a movie w/ the family. 

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