Thursday, October 11, 2012

A few random pictures

It was a beautiful morning this morning.  Nik and Summer crawled in bed with us to cuddle for quite some time.  Typically, they'll just come in and scream.  So this was great.  I made buttermilk pancakes and then everyone read.  Had individual work with English.  Still need to do phonics w/ Nik but I did 10 pages of math with him.  Kids walked the dogs and now all are taking a You Tube break.  After this, we're doing history.  Studying Ancient Egypt and it's been fun thus far.  Beautiful out so sitting on the picnic table for the lesson.  After, some lunch and then math and science in the afternoon.  Warren may even come home early today which would be great.  Maybe we could surprise the kids w/ a trip to the park.  Not sure. They all just may want to stay and hang out w/ friends. 

Found a few pictures off the last shots that really fit nowhere but thought I'd share anyhow.  Who doesn't want to share shots of the kids?!

Don't know about you, but she has grown!  She's losing that 'baby face' that I adore in kids.  She's maturing which is a great thing but in the same token, sad that mommy's baby is growing up so fast.  She loves her chair.  Irina and I found it at a yardsale...$1.  Money well spent.  LOL.  

Yeh, my kids have their own fashion sense.  Alyona w/ two different socks on, sandels and sweater from a dress.  She's ready to play.

Alyona was having a meltdown.  A long one.  She ended up w/ 5 punishment chores b/c of it.  She kept mouthing off and the whole 9 yards.  Notice Warren holding her hand.  Critical during these.  Always stay connected to the kids.  No matter how much they'll fight you on it.  do that and whisper.  It will help. 

Yeh, Max has no trouble teasing her during this time.  URGHH!!!  But, she's not mad at him.  Doesn't care.  All anger will be directed at me.  Yep.  This is common in PI(post institutionalized) kids.  I told her to go to bed.  How dare I?!  At the end, I'm sure she went in the room and somehow made voo-doo dolls of me.  LOL.  For those that have never heard Alyona, she has a very tiny little voice.  Squeaky at times, very high pitched.  When she is in a meltdown mode, the voice changes SO deep, it's deeper than a man's and sounds like something evil off tv.  The first time we ever heard her do that, we all were seriously scared.  Now, not so much.  She'll even laugh about it the next day and how she sounds.  She can not immitate the sound.  It only comes out when very angry.  She knows she does it. And again, she'll laugh about it.   I think it's important that people know if a child has a meltdown, you can deal with it in a reasonable manner.  

Bob is back and kind of creeping us all out again.  

Bojan, doing I have no idea what.  Him and Max are two peas in a pod for sure.

Alaska, one of the rulers of the house.  

Nik got paper airplanes for his birthday all the way from the UK!  Thank you!

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