Sunday, September 23, 2012

What do you miss?

What do you miss about being a smaller family?   I do get asked this from time to time.  And instead of lying and say 'nothing,' I thought I'd actually write what I miss a bit.  Then of course at the end I'll have to tell you why I rarely think about missing anything now.  Anyhow, here goes nothing.

I miss the quiet.  Yes, 2 kids was a bit quieter than10 any day. 

I miss being able to sign the kids up for anything.

I miss having more time to work out.

I miss having time to get organized.  (okay, so it's an excuse I'm using)

I miss being able to go to a grocery store and really not have to fret over how much I'm spending.  Let's just say our grocery bill is close to our mortgage.

I miss shopping the little boutiques for Max & Irina when I had only 2 kids. 

I miss my neat house.  As in not messy.

I miss things not being broken all the time.

I miss not being stared at while we're out anywhere.

I miss the anonymity.

Really, I don't miss a whole lot as you can see.  And really, it's nothing much to miss.  I will be honest and say I really and truly had to come up with something to miss for this post.  Why?  Because what we have now is so much better.  No, it's never quiet but that's because kids are enjoying themselves and living life.  I will admit I do miss working out but that just means now I have more time to spend w/ the kids.  Though this week, I'm starting a workout schedule that should work for me.  It can be done folks.  Organized?  With a bigger family organization is a staple and it kind of falls into place anyhow.  Groceries have gone up for everyone so it is not just big families affected by the increase.  Boutiques are overrated.  I find the SAME clothes at consignment shops and yardsales.  And, the kids and I have fun shopping for them.  My house used to be a lot neater I will admit.  However, now it just means we have more kids enjoying learning.  Hence, all the stuff out.  Things being broken all the time really just puts things in perspective as to what is important in life.  Being stared at and asked questions gives us an opportunity to share the blessing of adoption with others.  let's others know that special needs are okay.  So many things we could say we miss but truly, we don't.  We love the life we've been given and the children we have in it.

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  1. I get asked why we are adopting when we already have 5 girls and if that wasn't enough. I tell them that after 2 of my girls went off on their own, it just felt weird having just 3. I think for those of us who have more than 2, it is just natural to us. The reason why I say more than 2 is because that is what is considered easy as two parents each have one child to take care of. I think that once you have 3, you can handle anything that comes your way. :)