Sunday, September 2, 2012

We're back! What...a....trip. (part I)

My oh my.  You know, when there are so many signs that you should not go on a trip, you really should not tempt fate.  I will try to get through all that happened to us but truly, I wouldn't be able to cover it all.  First off, we were running late.  Really, really late.  Warren tried to make a 30/50 plug thingy (don't ask me what this is called) to save money.  See, at the stores they sell for $200.  And yes, he has done many, many things that are electrical and truly knows his stuff.  What he does not realize, is he is human and doesn't have 32 hours in a day.  I'm pretty sure the ladies that read this could concur that this is a man thing.  LOL.  Anyhow, he said maybe we should go another day.  I said it will be fine. 

In the driveway, we have to back up.  Our driveway is extremely tricky to get out of let alone w/ a n rv.  Now, it does have a back up camera.  However, you can't see everything.  That's why we use spotters.  Max was saying that sound is just the hitch.  Warren said I don't think so.  Stops the rv. 

This is what the rv looked like.  And no, it was not b/c it was purchased used.  This was new.  Needless to say, Max's spotting ability needs some work!

And, this is the van now.  You can't really tell from the picture but it is dented.  Obviously, we're not reporting hitting our own van to insurance.  LOL.  So, it is staying this way.  Bumper is fine and tail lights were untouched so we should consider ourselves lucky.  Now, even at this point, we should know better and just stay put.  But, we press on and leave the driveway.

Summer and Irina just chilling out waiting for the next step.  

Logan and Nik.  Nik goofing off w/ the gum.  We were stopped at Lowes while Warren and Max ran in to get a part.

Now, this should be a big hint of why not to go.  LOL.  OUCH!  And no, we unfortunately do not have a diesel.  

I did not require any of the kids to bring school work.  Reni and a few others asked if they could.  I said fine.  So, Alex is helping Reni with her map working skills book.  Love the table in the bus.  We drink lots of water while on  the road.  Marking their names on the bottles helps solve disputes.  Grapes were snacks as well as a bag of chips.  

We were well on our way.  Saw a sign for the apple orchard we went to last year.   Decided to stop and check it out again.  Oh, did I mention it was like 95 & humid as all get out outside?  Yes, yes it was.  Could not have picked a hotter weekend to go camping.   Apple orchard is next.  For now, we need to finish cleaning out the rv.  Much, much more to come.  You really won't believe some of it. 

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