Monday, September 10, 2012

Umm, can we say 'Stephen King'

Those who've been on here awhile know our Nik has a Stephen King sense of humor when it comes to drawings.  Though, I have shown you the hearts and all that too as proof that he does indeed love us all.  LOL.  Anyhow, today I took some pics of Nik's speech cards he makes.  Some of these are new, some are not. Interesting to say the least. 

1) Cat.  the cat is mauling Alex.  2) Cookie.  Someone is sad b/c someone is taking the cookie.  3)  Weights is the word.  This is Nik w/ muscle lifting the weights.  4)  Cat.  Someone is trapping the poor cat.  Pulling the string to catch it.  

1) Gun.  Geez.  I'm the target.  2) Gas.  A guy is squirting gasoline all over the place.  A pump gone crazy.  3) Bite.  Poor guy just wanted to go fishing.  Even the sun is concerned.  LOL.  4)  Not.  Someone is getting arrested.  Notice the people carrying handcuffs?  

1) Sock.  Bojan w/ a sock on when he had his wheelchair.  2) Not sure.  Think this one is sad.  3) Word is Sun.  I'm being burned up by the sun.  A person is spraying cold water on me he said.  Hey, at least in this one I'm being half-rescued. 4) drum.  There is someone playing an instrument.  Blood is pouring out the other person's ears and onto the floor b/c it's too loud.  

First word is fan.  Someone is being blown away by someone else holding up the fan.  Nice kiddo.  Next is a fish.  Look at the size of that fish!  Obviously, the fisherman is being eaten.

First one is hat.  The person is collapsing from holding up the giant hat.  Second one is home.  The sun is spitting out a giant fireball heading to the home.  Next word is hit.  He has him and Alex in an apparent knock out brawl.  

1)  Word is bib.  He has Logan wearing a bib.  Not sure what the other person is supposed to be saying.  2)  Crib is the word.  I'm in the crib.  3)  Word is crab.  Nik is on the crab and the crab is cutting me in half.  4)  Word is tub.  Everyone is getting a bath, all happy.  I'm screaming about all the water on the floor.  Do you think he's been told every night of his life not to get the floor soak and wet?  

1)  Rib.  Guy is scared by the skeleton.  2) Robe.  I'm in the robe.  The person next to me is scared.  Why don't you notice that snake coming out of the shower?!  3)  Rob.  Logan is calling after the person robbing.  4)  Cab is the word.  Notice the cab is running over mom and my money is going everywhere.

1) Soup.  Hot soup being spilled all over someone.  2).  Hop.  Summer is riding a kangaroo and having it jump all over me.  3)  Help.  A person is calling for help in the water since a shark is coming.  The plane is crashing into the person as well.  Boy, he really needs help.  4)  Pop.  Somone's balloon is being popped.  Notice the monkey hanging from the tree.  Not sure what he's for.  

1) Up.  Kind of a monster type house.  The house is spitting someone out the chimney.  He's going up Nik told us.  2)  Stop.  I'm apparently running from police.  Guess it's the money from the robbery.  LOL.  3)  Hop.  Summer is on the giant rabbit that is hopping on someone.  Not sure whom at this point.  

I know they're kind of twisted and you might think it's weird.  Really, this is innocent.  He laughs when he's doing it.  And NO, it's NOT RAD.  I have 2 RADishes and this is far from that stuff.  He's trying to be funny.  It's a warped sense of humor but that's what they thought of the Farside guy as well.  He also makes sweet drawings.  But, people react more to these so he'd rather draw this stuff.  I know one day he'll look back at these and laugh.  October is coming up so he'll be drawing all sorts of stuff.  Should get even more interesting.  Usually, in these drawings Alex, Summer or myself are the 'targets.'  These are the 3 of us he's attached to the most btw.  I try not to read into any of this stuff.  No, he's not Stewie from Family Guy.  He's just trying to be funny.  The speech therapist and I knew giving him the word gun would get intriguing.  But, it's a good 'g' sound so we went with it.  I'll take some more pictures of his drawings.  Next set though I take will be his inner drawings.  The sweet stuff w/ hearts and bears.  We love both sides of Nik.  I'm keeping these for when he's older and wants a laugh.  Hope you laughed today too. 

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  1. My son used to draw Stephen King pictures as well...lots of blood and gore - in 1st grade his teacher showed me a picture of Santa impaled and bleeding, not cool for school. So we told him he could not draw that way in school, he didn't, they got rainbows and sunshine...we got a few more years of blood and guts and then he lost interest...he's a great young man with a caring heart and no violent tendencies - just a phase