Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trip part X-- Deaf kids can flip too!

After holding out for the rain to quit, Warren and I took Summer and Nik to the play area.  They were in their element for sure.

Look how much air he gets.  He can jump all day long.  He was doing flips everywhere on this.  Many were impressed.  More on that in a minute.

Summer was the smallest kid out there but that in no way stopped her.

She was having the time of her life.  

After the bounce pillow, we went to the playground.  Daddy pushed them.

After the playground, back to the bounce pillow.  Well, there were these group of kids that were trying to talk to Nik & tell him to move.  They assumed he couldn't flip or do anything as he was little.  (more kids than what's in the pic up there) So, I said he's deaf.  They said, "so he can't flip?"  I said oh, he CAN flip.  I signed to Nik to do his stuff.  He was conflicted at first b/c earlier I told him NO flipping.  He proceeded to do his thing and all you here was "Awesome!  Wow!  How'd he do that!  Etc."  They the one girl asked me how to sign good job and awesome.  I showed her and then Warren ended up giving them all a lesson on the cochlear implants and how they worked.  They were all fascinated for about ten minutes.  It was crazy.  Kind of cool though.  Taught them all deaf people can flip too.  LOL. 

Nik, getting ready to do one of his simple, small flips.  Now, I did limit him and told him no more than 2 in a row.  He can actually do 3 in a row and land it.  Kid is nuts I tell you!  Nuts.  I was mad the other day b/c I caught them on the top of the 11' swing set trying to flip off!  

Tried to get a picture of these two.  Didn't quite work out.

Still trying to dump all the sand out of her shoes.  Notice how red Nik is?  That's from all the heat and jumping hte whole time.

I swear this child could be happy anywhere and in any situation.  

No Mom, we're not ticked off that we're leaving.  BTW, Logan was the one complaining the whole dog gone time.  URGHH!!!  Kids.

Walking to the bathrooms for one last pit stop as we had already unhooked the rv.  No shoes of course as everything was still soaked with water.

This is how Summer and Nik decided to walk back to the rv.

Yes, it was time to say goodbye to Zooland.

I don't know if it was more to shut them up or give mom some chocolate therapy, but we stopped off at a Wendy's for .99 cent frosties.  They really hit the spot on what was still a very hot day.  And yes, most my kids are in pajamas as there are no clothes left.  LOL. 

Despite all the craziness, we still ended up having a good time.  Not only that, we plan to go back the first weekend of November.  We loved the campground itself.  It's a family owned campground.  Not a KOA or Jellystone.  They are very friendly there and very accommodating.  Saw them solve a problem while we were there for someone.  They have a ton of stuff to do on the campgrounds themselves.  It's quiet too.  Our cost...$28 per night & that includes the tax!  Not bad for a family of 12 to stay at, huh?  That will be our next RV trip.  Actually, 2 rv trips planned for November.  None for September as we plan on getting house stuff done.  Plus lots of soccer and church happenings.  So, hanging out here in September.  Tell you all about October and November soon.  One month at a time though.  Well, got to get some more things done around here.  Enjoy your evening.  My catching up on posts this past weekend did not go as planned.  LOL.

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  1. I love it! The pics are great, and what a trip.